Ways to Enjoy the Outdoors

With summer just around the corner, we’re putting the cold winter days behind us as we get ready to enjoy a weather made for short t-shirts, water adventures and an all-round good time. Summer opens up nearly endless activities you can take up, but you might feel lacking some ideas, which we totally understand. So in an effort to help you enjoy the great outdoors this spring and summer, we’re giving you a couple of favorite activities you can do alone or with your friends. They’re a guaranteed blast.

  1. Go running

Running is a perfect way to enjoy the great outdoors. Some music blasting through your headphones to help you get in the zone and you’ll soon see why it’s a favorite activity among the majority of the population. Whether you want to go for a run in your neighborhood and enjoy an urban environment or visit a local park or even the nearby woods, running is a great way to spend energy and release some built-up stress. If you really want to enjoy the experience, don’t even take the iPod. Go running with the sound of nature blasting all around you. On the plus side, you get a little bit of sun as well.

  1. Go swimming

It doesn’t matter if you prefer a lake, the ocean or even a pool. Swimming is the best exercise you can do to get your whole body activated in the activity. You can go alone and clear your mind or take a few buddies and have the time of your life, laughing, talking and playing along the way. As little as half an hour of swimming per day can strengthen your core and help you lose weight.

  1. Go camping

Another one for everyone who’s a fan of the great outdoors. Granted, this activity does require some gear, but nothing too crazy or expensive.  A tent, some sleeping bags, food and water, and you have your essential stuff needed for any camping trip. Items such as bug spray, a canoe and a fishing rod might come in handy for your specific trip, but they’re not a necessity. Either way, go out there and have fun. It’s what it’s all about, right?

  1. Go for a joy ride

There’s something so relaxing—and thrilling—about taking a nice long ride.  No place in particular, just a stress free ride to anywhere you want to go. You’d be amazed at where you just might end.  Simply hop in your car ,roll down the windows and blast your favorite tunes while driving off into the sunset.

  1. Have a picnic

Picnics are extremely underrated. There’s just something so enjoyable in having a lunch or breakfast in a field full of green grass, flowers and tall trees everywhere around you. It feels calming and natural. Pack something delicious like a sandwich, strawberries and even a bottle of wine, bring along your partner or a bunch of friends and start enjoying life.

  1. Take a walk

This is perhaps the most important activity on our list. Although you’d think it’s simple enough, almost nobody these days goes for a walk. Instead of opting to drive or take the cab to somewhere, set off half an hour sooner and enjoy nature with a leisurely stroll. Don’t bring an iPod for music, just live in the moment with your own thoughts and notice the world around you.

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