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I’m absolutely obsessed with doing all of my shopping online. I also love discovering new ways to find the best deals online as well. While I’m not anti-social per say I do prefer to avoid big crowds, especially during this time of year when everyone is rushing to get all of their last minute shopping done before Christmas. Although I’ve done most of my shopping already, with Christmas just a few days away, I still take a minute or two out of the day to check out the latest releases and hottest deals. I don’t mind paying full price on items, especially if it’s something I feel like I just have to have but I like deals just as much as the next girl.

It’s always a great feeling to come across an amazing deal or finding coupons that help knock a portion of your total off of your shopping cart when shopping online. The problem, though, is that not everyone knows where to find money saving coupons or awesome deals. They rely on coupons that come through their email from mailing lists they’ve signed up for or found in the Sunday paper. These coupons don’t come around as often as some would like but fortunately there’s a solution that gives you access to amazing deals and coupons all year around.

Find The Best Deals online with Dealspotr


Dealspotr is the first crowd-sourced couponing site that allows its users to submit their coupons from all over the web. Each deal you find on Dealspotr is curated by its community which is made up in part by deal hunters, couponers, etc. who unite to bring an end to frustrating expired deals and other hiccups that are common when scouring the web for ways to safe money on your most coveted items. 

If you’ve ever searched the internet for online coupons then you know how chaotic the results can be. They’re usually listed on a ton of different sites, expired, come with a plethora of exclusions and in general aren’t exactly reliable. This is where Dealspotr comes in handy. They’ve made it their mission to provide a complete and up-to-date database of all the best deals online, daily. This means that you can log onto your computer at any time of the day, head over to Dealspotr and browse thousands of new deals every day. 

For awhile I was using a popular deal/coupon site. They were my go-to for coupon codes like free shipping, a percentage off of your total, a free gift if you sign up for services, etc. but I realized rather quickly that a lot of their codes were expired or simply not valid at all. After many unsuccessful codes from their site, I knew that there had to be something better out there. I still use them from time to time but since I recently discovered Dealspotr, and I have had a lot more success with finding current deals and super helpful coupons. 


One of my favorite things about Dealspotr is that when you sign up you can pretty much tailor the site to your own personal needs/preferences. This is achieved by Dealspotr asking you straight away the type of deals your interested in. You can choose anything from Electronics & Tech to Beauty & Wellness (one of my favorites) and based on your selections the site will expand into several different sub-categories. Based on your choice, Dealspotr will offer you deals based on your interests and exclude the random mess of options that most deal sites include.


Once you’ve made your selections based on your interests, Dealspotr will then ask you what your store preferences are. You can choose from a broad list that includes some personal favorites like H&M, Sephora, and more. Based on the stores you select as interests, Dealspotr utilizes their My Feed feature to prioritize deals specifically from the stores you’re most interested in shopping from. The best part is that the site is running in real time so you’re getting the best deals almost as quickly as they post and there’s no risk of running into anything that’s expired! 


Get Rewarded

If YOU want to post a great deal you found – you can get REWARDED too! Points add up to FREE Amazon gift cards – For every 10,000 points you earn, you can redeem a $10 gift card to Amazon. You can either redeem the gift card as soon as you hit your ten thousand, or save up your points and redeem for a higher amount later on.

Earning free Amazon gift cards is as easy as sharing coupons and deals online. In just a short while, I’ve already earned $30 in amazon gift cards.

To find deals, I just go through my emails and post the deals from there – it’s the stores you shop already, so super easy to find – and DealSpotr makes it super easy to post the info for others to shop on sale too! 

There are so many great things about Dealspotr that make it a top pick as a deal finding site. From being able to customize your personal preferences to its reward system (“spotting” deals and up-voting the best deals in an effort to gain karma points which help earn you gift cards) there’s just nothing that I haven’t liked so far since starting to use Delaspotr. The site might not be your one stop deal and couponing finding site but it’s definitely worth putting on the list if you’re planning on doing a lot of online shopping in the new year.

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If Dealspotr sounds like it would be helpful to you, be sure sign up. If you use my link (or code MSDEE) you will get your first $5 just like I did, and you’re half way to cashing out already. Shop around, share a deal and shop some more!





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