5 Easy Crafts to Brighten up your Child’s Bedroom


Children’s rooms tend to be rather bright and colorful. They are littered with Legos, surrounded by stuffed animals, sometimes have crayon drawings on the walls, bright colored posters pinned up, and other toys sprinkled about. While children tend to bring light to their rooms on their own, there are a few crafts you can do on your own to brighten up their rooms in a more organized fashion. Plants, art, flowers, painted projects, and lights can all be used to create beautiful and simple décor items to brighten up your child’s bedroom.

Succulents have become popular recently because they are so unique and low-maintenance which is perfect for a child’s room. Keeping some succulent crafts on a shelf or in a window are great options for brightening up your kiddos room while also giving them something to take care of if they are age appropriate. The good thing is that they don’t require a ton of watering or care so your child can have a plant in their room that might actually survive. Your craft can be as simple as a
succulent in a mason jar with some pebbles and a burlap bow, or you can get more creative with it. Plant them in old toys of theirs like a truck or a bucket, plant them in a tea cup, or a fish bowl.

Framed Art

Creative children are always coloring, drawing, or making some sort of art in class, in daycare, or at home. With such active imaginations they create some amazing art that shouldn’t just be kept in a box or on the fridge. When deciding on wall décor it’ll add a personal touch to use your child’s own artwork. There are many different ways to display their art such as scanning it and framing it, using a clothespin display, or allowing them to paint their own canvas. Talk to your kiddo about which artwork they’d like to display so that they have pride in the things they’ve made that will be presented in their room.

Hanging Flowers

It’s unrealistic to assume that the décor in your child’s room will stay clean, unbroken, and organized in the way that you designed it. Children live in the moment, are overwhelmed with ideas, and don’t hold cleanliness as any of their top concerns. Granted, some children are more organized than others, but that’s usually not the norm. This is why ceiling décor is a great option, it’s difficult to knock it over or ruin but does a great job to brighten up their room. Instead of using real flowers that won’t last, make a hanging flower ball. You can use any type of fake flowers you’d like, and only takes a foam ball a tack and some string. Tie the string around the ball leaving a long piece from the middle to attach to the ceiling. Cut the tops of the flowers from the stem leaving a few inches, push what’s left from the stem into the ball, cover the entire ball with the flowers, and hang from the ceiling with a tack. Easy, cheap, and beautiful.

Painted Pots

One great craft that’s easy, cheap, fun, and hard to screw up is the painted pot craft. Your children can help you out with this craft and will love displaying the fun colors in their room. All you need is a few ceramic pots of whatever size you’d prefer and some paint. Drip the paint on the upside down pot, let it dry, and it’s ready. You can use the pots for succulents, herbs, coins, Legos, rocks, crayons, or whatever else you or your kiddo would like to use them for.

Light Jars

Light jars are amazing crafts for your child’s room. Not only will it add a bit of sparkle to their room at night, it can also act as a nightlight for them. It’s also cheap and easy to make. Something as simple as putting a small string of twinkle lights into a mason jar will be enough to brighten up their space. By using lights that use batteries and tying twine to the lid of the Mason jar you can also create a portable nightlight for your kiddos to carry to the bathroom at night. Try decorating the jar with a bow to add some color, but stay away from decorating the jar so you don’t ruin the jar’s transparency.

Your little one will brighten up their room without any help, but that doesn’t mean you can’t help them with some fun DIY projects. Many of these projects can be done with your kids as well so they feel accomplished and proud of the décor in their room. Whether it’s planting some succulents, framing some of their art, hanging some flowers from the ceiling, painting ceramic pots, or making light jars, your kiddos are sure to love these crafts that will brighten up their bedroom.

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