5 Ways to Give Your Car Some Love

Have you ever heard that when you give your car some love, it actually performs better for you? Maybe you’ve noticed that after you wash it, it just seems to drive much nicer. It’s true. Treating your car with love is the best way to have a dependable car. Here’s what you can do to give your car some love. (Warning: most of these are do-it-yourself ideas, so if you aren’t able or willing to do them yourself, you’ll want to be sure that your favorite mechanic will do them for you.)


  • Every month
    • Check and change the oil.
    • Check and air up tires as needed.
    • In the winter especially, check the antifreeze coolant level and add to if needed.
    • Check to see if your headlights, taillights, and brake lights are all working properly. Replace them if needed.
    • Wash your car. If you like it to smell nice, add your favorite scent.
  • Every couple of months
    • Wash and wax your car.
    • Detail clean the inside. Clean every nook and cranny cleaned (see ideas below).
    • Check the condition of your air filter and replace it if needed.
    • Clean inside windows.
    • Check washer fluid and add if needed.
    • Check all other fluids like transmission and power steering if you can. Otherwise have your friendly mechanic do that for you.
  • Twice a year
    • Check your wiper blades to see if there is any damage. Replace if needed.
    • See if the battery cables need cleaned.
    • Check the condition of your tires and tire tread.
    • Check the belts and hoses, or have someone check them for you.
  • Once a year
    • Take your car to a shop you trust and have them check your car’s alignment and brakes.
    • Have them rotate the tires while doing the alignment.
    • Get a complete vehicle inspection.
  • How to Detail Your Car
    • Take out the floor mats and wash them with soap and water. Leave them out to dry while you do the rest.
    • Clean out anything that doesn’t belong in the car unless it is to maintain it.
    • You can use dusting spray like Pledge to clean the dash and cup holders.
    • Use a good glass cleaner or use vinegar water to clean the windows and rear view mirror inside.
    • Vacuum thoroughly all floors and seats.
    • Clean the upholstery and floors with a mild detergent or cleaning spray.
    • To clean the air vents or any other tight spot, you can use Q-tips.
    • Replace the floor mats.

Your car works hard for you every day. Show your love by keeping it clean, maintaining it, replacing bad parts, and taking it in for a yearly check up. Your car will love you back by running and looking like new.


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