4 Garage Organization Tips For The Busy Family

Everyone knows what the purpose of a garage is. It’s to park your cars. Many people can’t park their cars in the garage because it’s being used for storage. There are boxes of stuff, lawn tools, sports equipment and more being stored in the garage. Busy families don’t have time to search for things.

Organizing your garage will not only allow you to park your car inside, but it will also save you time looking for things and save you money from purchasing multiples of the same items. How? Follow these tips to organizing your garage.

  • Making a plan for your space is the first step in organizing. Draw a general blueprint of the garage, and then chose one of these ideas to help you plan your space.
    • Use cut out paper shapes to physically manipulate and decide where to put storage.
    • Or, draw in pencil and erase and redo where to put your storage.
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  • Use of vertical space is the number one way to add more room to any space. There are many options for you to maximize this concept.
    • Tubs/Containers are a great way to organize your stuff as well as a great way to use vertical space because they are stackable. Find heavy duty storage totes for the garage so that it can withstand changes in temperatures.
    • Shelves are another great way to use vertical space for obvious reasons. These work great with the storage totes. You can also put shelves above workbenches to maximize space. There are  even workbenches with shelves already attached.
    • Hanging storage is one of the best ways to use the vertical space in a garage. There are all kinds of ways to hang things. Use hooks on walls or from the shelves. There are sports racks where you can store bicycles and other sporting equipment from the wall or ceiling. You can purchase ceiling storage racks, pegboards, wall-mounted racks, and lawn equipment racks. You’ll find tons of options for hanging your equipment at your local home improvement shop or online.
  • Labeling and grouping your storage helps with organizing your garage as well and saves you tons of time when you’re in a hurry.
    • Label everything including shelves. Then you know exactly where everything is. You can even put a label on the outside of storage totes that list all the items inside.
    • Group similar types of items in the same area. For example, put all sports equipment or lawn equipment near each other. This saves you time trying to remember where you put things.
  • Use examples of how storage is done in other garages.
    • You can look online or just take a peek in a neighbor or friend’s garage to see how they do it.
    • Ask them what they like about how their garage is stored.

Busy families don’t have time to search for needed items. Organizing your garage saves you time and money because you’re not wasting your energy looking for things you can’t find.





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