6 Tips For Successful Carpooling

Carpooling can be a great option for many parents, because everyone gets to share the responsibilities of dropping off and picking up children without having to give up a large chunk of their time every day.

Here are 6 great tips for all carpooling parents:

6 carpooling tips

  1. Everyone who is part of the carpool should know each other as well as know each other’s driving habits. Every parent should be a safe driver and no one should ever text or talk on the phone while driving a group of children in the car.
  1. The entire carpool team needs to be committed when it comes to dropping off and picking up the children. We know that people’s schedules can change, because of work and out of town trips, but it will never work if one parent is always saying that they cannot do it on their day.
  1. Everyone in the carpool should be in the same neighborhood or within a couple of miles away. This will save everyone in the carpool some time and make it easier during the morning and afternoon rush.
  1. Every child who is part of the carpool should be aware of the fact that they need to be ready and on time when the carpool arrives. If there is one child that is consistently late, it throws everyone’s schedule off for the day.
  1. Group texts or emails are a great way for the entire team of carpooling parents to keep in touch. This will allow everyone to know if there was a change in game time or if someone is really ill and cannot drive that day.
  1. Everyone should have enough room in their car for all of the children in the carpool. the best carpool vehicles are SUV models; and whether you prefer Chevrolet or GMC, Lynch Family of Dealerships has several vehicles that are perfect for carpooling. ALs, before signing up to be part of a carpool, make sure you have the correct amount of booster seats and seatbelts, so that every child is safe in your car.

Carpooling can be fun for everyone involved as long as you keep a positive mindset. At the beginning of the day or at the end of a long day, parents can keep all of the children happy by playing music, singing along to songs or playing car games.



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