How To Travel Safely By Car with your Dog

Some dogs love to take a ride in the car. It’s fun for them and you get to see them sticking their noses out into the wind showing off that happy grin. However, this may not be the case for all. For some dogs, taking a ride in the car can be a little challenging. Some pant, pace and even become physically ill during a car trip which can make a trip to the vet or a family vacation difficult.

Does that sound like your pet? If so, read on. Here are some safety tips that may be helpful when traveling by car with your favorite pet, whether they enjoy the ride or not.

dog in car

Get your pet used to the car by letting him sit in it with you without leaving the driveway, and then going for short rides. Often times, the only time pets ride in the car is when they’re visiting the vet, so they may not always associate a car ride with positive feelings and may even be afraid to ride in the car. Teach them instead that car rides can be fun by taking them for short road trips to a dog park or a friend’s house for a play date.

Restrain Your Dog. It is very important to always restrain your pet for safe car travel. Unrestrained pets can be a distraction to drivers and can get injured if the car makes a sudden stop or is involved in an accident even at low speeds. Having a dog restrained not only benefits him but it will help you to focus on driving instead of the dog. So make sure you properly secure your pet in a crate or with a harness to keep them safe.

Pack appropriate supplies for your dog when taking a long car trip. Make sure you bring your dog’s blankie or his favorite stuffed animal, toy, or any item which is familiar to your dog and will comfort and relax him. Also bring water, treats, the dog’s collar and leash, some of your dog’s favorite chew toys, and plastic bags for waste.

Don’t leave your dog in the car. Never, ever leave your dog unattended in the car. Even with the windows cracked, a car can quickly turn into a furnace on warm days or an icebox on cool days.

Stop frequently for exercise and potty breaks. A dog’s legs need to be stretched just like yours do — perhaps twice as much. Your pet also needs water, exercise and potty breaks at regular intervals. So be sure to take Fido once around the block before jumping back in the car. Taking time for your pet may also help you to take in some interesting sights along your trip.

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