How to Buy A Used Car – For Your Teen

Your teen just got his or her driver’s license and now it’s time to go car shopping! They know exactly what it is going to look like; model, color, extras. Your kid is excited but as a parent, you may be having mixed emotions. It’s normal to have safety concerns in mind but, there’s the financial aspect to consider as well. You need to purchase the car, get insurance, pay for gas and then maintain it.

Here are 10 tips to help you buy that safe and affordable used car for your teenage driver.

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How to Buy A Used Car – For You Teen

  1. Determine your budget. Calculate in these costs as well:sales tax, registration fee, insurance, and possibly minor fix-up costs.
  2. Research and choose the model of car you want to buy. Choosing a model that is known for longevity is a good idea, because chances are you won’t have as many expenses over the years. Check out Edmunds to research the model that will be best for your teens needs.
  3. Educate your Teen It’s only logical that you’ll want a safe car for your child, but it’s important to remember that the car is only as safe — or as dangerous — as the driver makes it. Consider sending your child to a quality driving school in your area where he or she will learn about the basic of how a car works and safety concerns. Also be aware of your own driving behaviors. Kids tend to pick up habits as they see them. Be a good example.
  1. Test Drive. Have your teen drive the car to get a good feel for the car. Parents – Don’t buy a car for your child without driving it yourself. As an experienced driver, you might be able to identify problems that your teen may not notice. Also, trust your own judgment and don’t make a decision unless you are fully comfortable.
  2. Look for must-have safety features. No matter what model year you’re looking at, at a bare minimum insist that the vehicle have antilock brakes, electronic stability control (ESC) and side air bags.
  1. Find out what it will cost to insure. Insurance premiums are for cars with teen drivers because in general Teen drivers lack experience, and take more chances on the road. Of course, the year/make/model and features of the car account for some of the premium cost, as well as the teen’s driving record, location of residence, claims history for this type of vehicle, and a number of other factors.
  2. Look for the most fuel-efficient vehicle possible. Teens like to get up and go, hauling their friends and taking off for impromptu adventures. The folks over at Fort Dodge Ford Lincoln Toyota dealership suggests that when you’re looking for a safe vehicle, also look for one that’s as fuel efficient as you can get. You can enjoy a more reliable drive when you choose the right vehicle.
  1. Register and Insure the car




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