6 Ways to Save Money on Your Daily Commute


 1. Start (or join) a carpool

One of the most common tips to save money when it comes to commuting is to carpool. It’s an easy solution to implement as well. By taking turns driving, you not only save on gas, you also save on wear and tear on your automobile which increases its lifespan and cuts down on repairs.

2. Find the best route

Unless the route to your job is incredibly straightforward, there are several different routes you could potentially take to your job. Spend some time to figure out the best route – the one that eats the least amount of gas. Use Google Maps to help you in this regard. Finding a more efficient route will simply shave transportation costs (and possibly time) off of your daily commute.

3. Find low-priced gas stations along your route

Take note of the gas stations available to you along the route and identify the ones that consistently have the best prices (if there is variance – usually, there is). Then, make that station (or stations) your regular stop to fill up your tank.

4. Consider public transportation options for all or part of your commute

if you live in a city with good public transit, this should be at the top of your personal tips to save money list. While tickets still cost money, riding the bus, train or subway is still cheaper than filling up your car every week. it.

5. Leave a bit early to avoid the rush

In the morning, get in the swing of leaving a little bit earlier. This way, you can avoid speeding (which conserves gas and also helps to ensure you don’t get a ticket) and also potentially avoid the worst part of the rush hour traffic.

6. Look into telecommuting

If your job allows it (and the workplace allows it), consider telecommuting a day or two a week. Those are days where you’re not commuting at all, which means a nice net savings for you.

Beyond these tips (which are things you can do right now), consider a vehicle with fuel efficiency in mind when you go car shopping the next time. A reputable car dealership can help you choose the right vehicle for your commuting needs.




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