Best Time To Buy A Car


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Have you ever wondered when is the best time to buy a car?  We’ve all been there. You might have to play the waiting  game but with a little patience, carefully choosing when to buy a car you can actually save a lot of money.  That is, of course, you play it just right.  We’ve done a little research and have broken it down for you. Here’s a quick guide for when throughout the year is ideal for car purchasing:


Summer: super thirsty SUV’s and AWD cars are in ultra high demand throughout the winter, so when gas prices increase in the spring and summer and the weather gets nice, those bigger cars are perfect to purchase.

Winter: Convertibles and sports cars are completely out of season and have been sitting in the garage, sad and unused for the last couple months. Lower demand for product = better prices, especially on gently used vehicles.

Autumn: September and October is the End of Model Year for tons of cars, so dealers want to get rid of the previous year’s models to make space for the new ones. Fall is the best time for most mid-class cars!

Holidays: Obviously, the holidays mean quiet dealerships and all budgets leaning toward presents that can actually fit underneath a tree, hence why the advertisements tend to all be covered in snowflakes and slashed prices! Dealers try to hustle to move the inventory, the salesmen want to earn their year-end bonuses, so Xmas Eve and NYE are really astounding days to find discounts.



First Couple Days of the Month: Lots of people wait until the END of the month for the best deals so that salesmen can be overwhelmed with buyers. But on the other hand, the start of each month has lots less traffic and a hungry salesmen may be more willing to deal.

End of the Month: The best deals are often found when the dealerships and salesmen are trying to hit monthly targets so they can get their bonuses.

Last Week of December: Seriously, the double threat of the end of the month and the end of the year is the ultimate power couple for car buying.



Early in the Week: Most people have a tendency to go out shopping on the weekends, but this can be the busiest times for salespeople. However, during the week, there are fewer customers for the salesmen to deal with.   Shopping on Monday or Tuesday can get you more attention.


At the End of the Day:  This is usually a good time to go in and get the deal you desire. If you already know what kind of car you want, the finance portion is taken care of and the car is stock, waiting close to the close of business might play in your favor.  Everyone is looking to go home and want to get you into  car.

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