5 Must-Have Dog Travel Accessories

Millions of Americans will hit the road this summer for vacations to see attractions, family, and friends. But some travelers may have a few extra steps for planning and packing, especially if you’re a dog owning who plans to bring along your furry best friend. Make your trip more comfortable for you and your pooch with these five must-have dog travel accessories.

pet booster

Seat Cover

Perfect for long road trips or short travels around town, a pet seat cover keeps your car clean while providing your dog with a more comfortable ride. Most seat covers hook to the headrests on the back seat and run all the way to the head rests of the front seat, creating a hammock-like ride for your dog. For long trips, look for covers that have pockets for toys and snacks and that are easy to clean and install. A popular option is made by BarksBar.

Pet Ramp

Make it easier for your dog to get in and out of the car or other places with a pet ramp. Most ramps are skid-resistant and telescoping, which means you can simply unfold it and place it between the ground and the trunk of your car to give your dog sure footing, even in dicey weather or new situations. Pet ramps come in all sizes and weight capacities—this option is extra wide and can carry up to 200 pounds, perfect for larger dogs.

Pet Booster

Small dogs can get lost in a big back seat, but a pet booster seat lifts them up and lets them look out the window unobstructed. Most pet booster seats are like baskets that hang from a headrest. These seats come in a variety of sizes for different weights of dogs and come with great amenities, like plush lining and storage pockets.

Backseat Barrier

It can be great to have your dog along for the ride, but it can be uncomfortable and unsafe if they are constantly coming up from the back seat to be by you. A backseat barrier is a lightweight divider that easily connects to the driver’s seat and passenger seat headrests and keeps your dog in the back seat while still allowing you to have eye contact and have a conversation with your pet. Here is an inexpensive option.


When you get to your destination, it may take a while for your dog to warm up to the new surroundings. Or you may want to keep your dog somewhat contained so he doesn’t break anything. A playpen is a comfortable area for your dog to rest and play, and many playpens break down easy storage and travel. Available in a variety of materials, sizes, and styles, a playpen can alleviate your worry of your dog running wild around the house or hotel.

With these useful travel accessories, your dog-friendly summer road trip can be easy, enjoyable, and fun for the entire family! What is your must-have dog travel gear?

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