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Online payment options have been around for years, but most of us still pay for food and our childrens’ supplies with our good, old fashioned, credit cards. The question is why are so many mothers reluctant to make the transition to online payment options?

online payment

First of all, as mothers there is a lot of mental calculation going on through most of the day: many dates to remember, lots of errands to run etc. It is not surprising; therefore, that most of us would rather not add online payment details to the list of things to remember.

Fortunately, most online payment options today require only 5 minutes, or less, to setup and you may never need to remember anything other than your email and phone unlock code in most cases.

Using these online payment options is a great way to avoid accidental credit card usage, common in many homes.

What options are available?

Apple Pay
If you have an iPhone 6, Plus or later apple devices, then your phone has a chip known as the Near Field Communication Chip (NFC) embedded in its inner-workings. In combination with the secure element chip on the device, a one-use code is generated each time you carry out a transaction instead of transmitting your debit or credit card number. Simply ask your bank if they support Apple Pay, setup your Apple Pay account and start shopping securely with just your iPhone. Gone are the days of searching through your scattered handbag for you credit card!

This is a great option if, as a mother, you pay for goods online on the family computer. Using your credit card on the computer and saving details could result in young ones accidentally completing purchases whilst playing on the family machine. Paysafecard eliminates this risk, by virtue of being a voucher that allows you to make payments online, without a credit card. The voucher already has a preset value, removing the risk of overspending. It is popular with individuals that enjoy playing games online with online payments as it ensures credit card details and personal information is kept safe. However, paysafecard can be used just about anywhere as long as it is accepted by the vendor.

Google Wallet
If you are on an Android device, Google Wallet is the answer to Apple Pay. The method is slightly different, though, as no codes are generated. Instead, a number assigned to your account on signup will be used during all payments. When the retailer receives the number, the cost of the purchase will be charged from the card linked to the Google Wallet account. Google sees every payment and purchase you make, unlike Apple, and you can transfer funds from one person to another. This makes it a perfect solution to make payments or share funds with your friends while away on a girls’ night out.

PayPal is already a standard solution amongst many people already, so chances are you already have an online PayPal account. However, do you know they now have an app for smartphones that can be used in the same manner as Apple Pay and Google Wallet? With the app, all you need is to setup your account and then you can start tapping at PayPal supported payment portals to complete purchases.

As a mom,  mobile and online payment technologies can help you shop efficiently and securely. Really, there is no reason not to embrace this new technology today.

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