What Does Your Car Color Say About You?



With the many colors of cars, roads often look like a rainbow. When buying a car, you might be drawn to a certain hue because you like the look, it will be easier to clean, or it matches your house or other cars. But beyond that, most people are drawn to certain car colors for physiological reasons. According to recent studies, here’s what your car color really says about you:

Black is a sophisticated color associated with luxury. The color brings to mind a sense of power and control. People who drive black cars also typically have a lot of sleek, black clothes in their wardrobe.

White cars are typically for people who like a fresh, modern look similar to many contemporary brands. White is often associated with elegance and purity and may be chosen by someone who doesn’t have anything to hide or who likes things that are clear and direct.

Silver is typically associated with innovation and the future, similar to technology and stainless steel appliances. Silver is also an upscale color that showcases security.

Red is a color typically seen on sports cars because it draws attention and often is driven by go-getters and people looking to make a statement.

Blue isn’t as popular of a color on the road, so it can be a bright change of pace and convey happiness and serenity, especially of a stable family on SUVs or minivans. Light blue is typically a sign of peace, while darker blues portray confidence.

Brown and beige convey quiet peace and is often seen as a traditional color that is free of trends and extra frills. Shades of brown are also associated with nature and being down to earth.

Yellow is a bold color that is often associated with happiness and youth.

Green is often connected with nature and is an understated color that quietly portrays balance. Dark green showcases trustworthiness and light green showcases a no-fuss attitude.

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