Time Management Tips for Busy Families

Between soccer practice, work meetings, piano recitals, and date nights, it can be hard to schedule time for a busy family and keep everyone’s schedule in line. However, with some careful planning and a few well-placed time management tips, it is possible to regain your family’s (and your own) sanity. Here are the top time management tips for busy families:

time management

Use a calendar. It may seem basic, but just using a calendar to write everyone’s events can make a huge difference in overall organization. Keep the calendar up to date and check it every day. Some families even use a different color pen for each person’s events, which allows them to quickly see what each person has going on. A calendar can help you quickly see times that are busy and times that offer a little more flexibility, which can help with planning for big events or outings [insert link to December Car Post 3]

Prioritize tasks. Set three important things to prioritize each day. This can be anything from encouraging your son to finish his science project to spending time as a family to working on a big project. Making those tasks the most important helps you avoid getting distracted by other, smaller things that may arise.

Delegate when possible. If your life is busy and things seem to be getting dropped, try to delegate as much as possible. If you are financially able, this could involve hiring help to clean your house or do the yard work, or just asking a friend to pick your kids up from school. Delegating gives you more time to focus on other family activities and the things that are really important.

Schedule in relaxation and family time. It may seem like you are too busy to spend time with your spouse or together as a family, but if you put it on the calendar, it becomes part of the schedule and is more likely to happen. Taking time each day to relax and refresh can make a huge difference in your overall attitude and energy levels. It also puts everyone in the family on the same page between busy activities. Sometimes loading the kids up taking an impromtu drive to the neighborhood park in family chevrolet is just what the doctor ordered.

Say no. It may be tempting to say yes to every thing you are asked, but sometimes it is wise to just step back and say no. Prioritize what is the most important to your family and be honest with yourself about how much time is left. Saying no can be to something as simple as dinner out with friends on a school night or signing your son up for yet another sports camp.

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