Family Goals for the New Year

The New Year is a great time to make resolutions and get goals for the coming year. One way to make it an activity for everyone is to set goals as a family. No matter how old your children are, they can benefit from goals, and your family can make memories as you work towards the same goal together. Here are a few ideas for New Years resolutions for the entire family:

Exercise. Getting moving is a great way to spend time as a family, and it helps everyone’s overall health. You can set goals for each person to spend a certain amount of time exercising each day, or you can set aside time each week to exercise as a family. Even activities as simple as taking a walk together or playing basketball in the backyard can be great exercise for kids of all ages.

Eat healthy. It might not sound very fun to kids, but the New Year can be a great time for everyone to recommit to eating healthier. This can be something as simple as eating one more serving of fruits or vegetables each day or replacing sugar cereal with a healthier alternative. Make it fun for kids by offering rewards when they eat healthy food all week.

Volunteer. Kids are never too young to start volunteering. Make it a goal to help your neighbors or the needy by simple acts of service like shoveling the snow off someone’s driveway. If you have older children, look for a local charity that you can all volunteer at together, like a soup kitchen or homeless shelter.

Plan ahead. Get your finances and other life necessities in order at the start of the New Year. This means making sure you , prepare for any big purchases, have good insurance coverage , a strong cell phone plan, and that you aren’t paying too much for utilities. Turn it into a teaching opportunity by helping your children set up their own bank accounts and saving for the future.

Unplug. In today’s world of technology, much of our day is spent looking at screens. Set a goal as a family to limit how much time you spend with your gadgets. Some families might set total time limits, such as an hour a day, while others may have set times where electronics aren’t allowed, like during dinner or the hour before bedtime.


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