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I’m sure I’m not the only one whose family gets a little too involved in the holidays. We’re naturally really competitive people, so it should be no surprise that what started as a friendly family activity during the holidays has grown into a competitive battle each year. This year, I’m looking forward to diffusing the tension by seeing a movie together this Christmas—Daddy’s Home looks hilarious. Seeing this movie together guarantees we’ll spend time laughing, not bickering. With my family, we’re sure to be quoting it for days, and Daddy’s Home looks particularly quote-able.

Don’t believe me? Take a look at the trailer.

Like the characters is this movie, our family is pretty hiliarious and a bit competitive also.  But it’s not board games, sports, or talk of politics that brings out our competitive sides—it’s our annual pie contest. Years ago it was just a few simple pies and some friendly judging, but over the years it has grown into a full-fledged showdown in the kitchen. Whoever happens to be visiting for Christmas makes their best pie, and we judge them all in different categories. The most envied prize is “Best Overall Pie”, which gets the baker’s name on the plaque that hangs year round in the kitchen. People prepare for the contest for months and there is some serious competition.

cupcake pies

Over the years, we’ve had quite the collection of “friendly” quarrels, baking disasters, and delicious pies. One of the most memorable experiences was early in our marriage, when my husband and I thought it would be a good idea to invite his family to compete alongside my family in the pie contest. I don’t think we adequately prepared my in-laws for the trash talking that would take place, and they were a little shocked with our kitchen “insults” (that are all in good fun, of course). After a little intervention and explanation, we could get on our way and enjoy a feast of pies. They even recovered enough to give the pie contest another try a few years later.

It’s time, people: Christmas is on the horizon. That means it is now perfectly socially acceptable to start watching holiday movies.What’s the holidays without a little family time, anyway? That’s why I’m so excited for another one of our family’s traditions—seeing a movie together on Christmas Day.

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This year, we’re looking forward to see Daddy’s Home, which opens in theaters nationwide on Christmas Day. We can hardly ever agree on a movie, but this has something for everyone—a hilarious plot about a stepdad battling for his spot in the home (my brother will love that), Will Ferrell and Mark Wahlberg (for my husband and mom, of course), and a good family message (my choice). I think we’ve got all the ingredients to avoid another Christmas tradition squabble.

Get your family excited about Daddy’s Home on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. I can’t wait for a Christmas Day full of delicious pies and a hilarious movie with family.

What are your favorite Christmas traditions? Do you see a movie? Post a comment with your family’s favorite holiday “disaster” for a chance to win $50!

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  1. Brandy Champion says:

    I managed to start the oven on fire.. My mother in law and myself put it out and we never said a word to anyone.

  2. Samantha C. says:

    Once I was wrapping so many presents that I pretty much forgot which was what. I accidentally gave one of my relatives a toy that I bought for my kids. It was a bit embarrassing!

  3. Karen Giasson says:

    Our favorite holiday disaster was the year that my daughter really wanted this special doll. Well, she did get it, however it only spoke spanish. Needless to say she wasn’t happy.

  4. Melissa Moore says:

    Losing the tape and scissors . Every.single.year. I wrap lol

  5. Charlene S. says:

    One year I was in a hurry wrapping presents & I put the wrong tags on the gifts. So my niece got a football & my nephew got a doll (lol).

  6. DJ says:

    My sister’s new dog jumped onto the dinner table and made off with the holiday ham one year. Looking back it was pretty funny, but at the time it was so annoying; no ham for Christmas.

  7. Lisa Williams says:

    Our funny holiday disaster one year was when my niece was in charge of cooking the turkey,she put it in the oven at 7 a.m. she asked me to check it at noon,I mentioned that the oven felt cool then I opened the oven,the turkey was raw,my niece forgot to turn on the oven! Needless to say,my mom was starving we found her something to eat to tide her over and we had a late dinner,now even to this day we tease my niece every holiday.

  8. amy pugmire says:

    The turkey burned :(

  9. Kim Henrichs says:

    We once lost our Christmas tree from atop the car! It was only funny because nobody was behind us and getting it back on ended up being hilarious…

  10. Robin says:

    I remember the time I cooked the turkey without removing the “contents” from the other end. I had no idea that stuff was in there.

  11. Anita Duvall says:

    The worst disaster would be the year the dog ate all of the chocolate out of the stockings on Christmas Eve and got really sick over all the gifts!! Yuck!

  12. Ty says:

    Our worst disaster was when my cousin played Santa Claus instead of my uncle and his pants fell down when he was walking out the door.

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