Take Time Away with a Ladycation


Life is a stressful thing. There’s always work to be done, laundry to do, a house to clean, family to feed, pets that need walked, floors to sweep, or bills to pay. Why isn’t life filled with books to read, television to watch, cocktails to drink, movies to see, or clothes to buy? Adult life is filled with responsibilities that cannot go ignored, so that is why vacations are a thing. Vacation is a time for relaxation, time to get away, and leave those responsibilities to someone else for once.
Sometimes vacations themselves can be stressful. Vacations sometimes include family, children, spouses, or work and, sometimes, those are the things we need vacations from. Enter the ladycation. A ladycation is a vacation just for you, away from your family, to spend time alone or with your girls. Whether you’re a mother, wife, or a working woman we all need some time away from those responsibilities no matter how much we love them most of the time.


Spa Day
A vacation for yourself doesn’t have to be a big, involved international vacation in order to take some time for yourself. Taking a spa day all day will be a great break from your everyday life. Instruct your family members to leave you alone for the day, make a plan for the kids, don’t answer work calls, and go to the spa. Bring a girlfriend or bring a magazine instead. If you’d rather relax without the small talk from the spa employees, let them know. It might feel rude to request that, but chances are they will enjoy the quiet time as well. Get a massage, a facial, get your nails done, or relax with a pedicure. Ask the spa about packages for a full day of relaxation. Also, many spas offer complimentary wine and that’s all you really need for a relaxing day anyway.

Time with the Girls
Instead of spending time alone, make it a social event by taking some time for just you and your girls. You’ll be sharing the wealth and allowing them to take some time away from life as well. Be sure to organize the event in advance so that everyone can get away from their lives in order to share a girls day. The options are endless and vary depending on your style, but you could expand your spa day for all of you to be involved, have a DIY day, host a moviethon, have a shopping day, go to a football game, embarrass yourselves at bowling, or have a good old fashioned night out on the town. Dress up, have some drinks, dance your heart out, and have some drinks. Adult responsibilities make for little time letting loose with your girlfriends.


Day Trip
Pack a bag, fill up the gas tank, pick a location, and get on the road for a day trip. This can be anywhere near home, really. You can take a trip to a nearby beach, lie in the sun, and read a book. Take a trip to a great out of town restaurant with your girlfriends, drive to the mountains to fish and have a picnic, scope out local events in nearby towns and plan on taking a trip to attend them, take a trip for a concert, go berry picking, or think outside the box and plan a day trip that would be best for you. This allows you to wake up early, spend the day having a mini adventure, but still be close to home. This is a great and affordable way to have a mini vacation while still being able to make it home before bedtime.

Go on an Adventure
For a more serious vacation take an adventure a little further from home. Take a week or maybe just a weekend and stay a few nights in a new place. Decide on a place you’ve always wanted to see and make a plan to go visit, get an itinerary together, and take some time for your adventure. See the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco, ski in Colorado, gamble with your girls in Vegas, visit Venice Beach in LA, eat clam chowder in Boston, or explore Times Square New York City. Take you mom, sister, friend or travel alone on your adventure. If you are traveling solo, learn how to cure boredom and anxiety from traveling alone. Make an itinerary in order to keep yourself busy and excited for the places you’ll visit and give that itinerary to a loved one. Make sure to check in often, relish the time alone, and enjoy having a vacation catering to yourself.


Maybe you just want some time to clear your mind and relax without phones ringing, televisions blaring, kids screaming, and laundry piling up. Your vacation can be anything you want it to be including a quiet, relaxing few hours at home. Ask your partner or family members to take the kids, and leave you alone for a few hours. Neglect the chores for half of the day, make yourself a drink, grab a snack, and lie on the porch and read. Take some time alone to garden, paint, take a nap, watch some trashy television, cook some comfort food, or do a puzzle. The key is to clear your mind, don’t worry about how your kids are doing, how the dishes need to be done, or emails that need to be answered.
The point is that everyone needs a break sometimes and it’s okay to tell your partner, kids, family, and job that you need a break from adult life. Taking time for yourself is vitally important for your wellbeing as a whole. The world won’t end if the laundry isn’t done today, your kids will survive with your partner or their grandparents, your emails can be read tomorrow, and pizza can be ordered for dinner this one time. If you’re feeling overwhelmed have a spa day, take time with the girls, take a day trip, plan an adventure, or just relax at home for your own ladycation.

Author bio: Chelsy is a writer from Montana who is now living in Boise, Idaho. She graduated from the University of Montana with her journalism degree in 2012. She enjoys spending time with her girls, traveling to new places, and throwing a Frisbee for her dog, Titan. Follow her on Twitter!


  1. Julie Wood says:

    Life is so stressful with taking care of the family on top of working, taking care of an elderly parent and all the other errands that I have to do. I need to take a ladycation and go to the spa and get rejuvenated. This would be great!

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