Strategies for finding guest blogging opportunities

It is tempting for guest post writers to just go to Google and search for places to buy guest articles.  However, such is a risky undertaking because you could end up with a list of spammy sites that will eventually compromise your site. The effect of this is that your online reputation will be ruined. To avoid this, it is important to use a more careful approach. Here are simple but effective strategies you can use to identify guest blogging opportunities.

For a start, you need to identify your niche and create a list of influential sites within the niche. The goals you have set for your guest blogging will determine which blogs end up on your list.



Bank on social networking for leads. Social media sites offer you a great platform to ask for guest post opportunities. There is a possibility that some members of your social circle could own blogs or websites that can be helpful. Additionally, Make use of the search feature on these social media sites to find posts about guest blogging. Such posts could have been put up by bloggers in an effort to reach out to writers.

Join guest blogging communities. A guest blogging community provides you with a network of bloggers and writers. The communities make it easier for you to establish a connection with bloggers who are likely to give you a chance to write on their blog. The best thing about this method is that you can learn from the experiences of fellow guest bloggers and help each other to grow. In these communities, you could also encounter bloggers who are searching for guest posters. Being active in guest bloggers’ forums allow you to interact with other members of the community.

Visit blogger directories for information. It is important for guest bloggers to note that not all blogs accept blog posts. For this reason, looking up reputable blog directories will help you in targeting the right blogs. Most of these directories are categorized according to niche so it will be easier for you to find the information if you already know what you want to write about. Since some of the directories may not be regularly updated, it is better to sample multiple lists and chose the appropriate one.

Share samples of your work as this will help cultivate bloggers’ trust in you. You could achieve this by using your own blog as a billboard. Inform your readers that you do write guest posts for specified topics. If you have written for other blogs previously, it is important to state that your work was accepted and appraised by the bloggers. Interested bloggers who would happen to visit your site will contact you for content.

Once you have found the blog that you would want to write for, the next step is to approach the blog owner with your request. At times, they may reject your request, and in such a case, most of them will give you feedback. Take the feedback positively as a learning experience, and move on to another blogger. Keep trying until you become successful.

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