How To Dress Comfortably But Still Look Sexy

Women feel compelled to look sexy. Sheesh – even the bikini segment of the Miss Universe Pageant involves wearing high heels. Women get their hair done, wear makeup, and feel it’s necessary to stay in shape well into their later years. However, does beauty have to be a seven-day-a-week job? Can’t women look sexy while feeling comfortable in their own clothes?

Take the Shoes Off

Sure, high heels are sexy but a lot of men admit having a foot fetish. They appreciate a woman with her toes painted. That means it’s perfectly fine and a lot more comfortable to wear flip flops and sandals when you’re out and about. It takes the stress off of finding the right shoes to match your purse, and being out of heels on occasion takes the pressure of your tootsies.

Don’t Be Fussy About the Dress

Apparently men can appreciate a gal in a short or long flowing dress. In most cases, the longer dress is a bit more comfortable, and you don’t have to worry about it looking too short when sitting down or riding up while you’re walking. Also, who doesn’t like a bit of mystery in their life? A longer dress keeps guys guessing about the particulars while still being able to get a glimpse of your curves hidden underneath.

Be Confident and Comfortable

Women appreciate a guy who can exude confidence, whether he’s wearing a power suit or lounging in a t-shirt and jeans, checking under the hood of the car. The same applies to a woman who is comfortable in her skin along with whatever she’s wearing. Don’t dismiss your style and personality in exchange for an awkward fitting skirt and blouse. Men can tell when a woman is confident and find it extremely sexy.

Wear Yoga Pants…Whenever

Yoga pants are very comfortable, the reason they’re perfect for stretching and contorting your body at the studio. They’re also great to wear whenever according to male onlookers. Why work extra hard and be uncomfortable to look sexy when men can’t take their eyes off of you coming straight out of the gym or yoga studio?

Make it Early or Casual

Sure, if you’re going out to a nice restaurant, you’re expected to dress a particular way. However, if you don’t feel like dressing up, dictate how you dress by suggesting to meet early in the morning, or ask to do something that doesn’t require high heels, like going hiking, to the gym, to the beach, or watching a movie. Do you feel like hanging inside and staying comfortable? See this site for a range of wardrobe choices.

Count On Accessories

There’s more to getting dressed than putting on a pair of pants and a top. Small accessories can make a big impression. And, while it’s likely that other women are more particular and prone to notice, guys appreciate the accessories that express personality, such as earrings, watches, nail colors, hair styles, etc. If you’re trying to make an impression but don’t feel like wearing uncomfortable clothes, catch a mate’s eye with chosen accessories.



  1. Sandy Cain says:

    All very good tips, especially the one about taking the shoes off. I can’t walk in high heels, never have been able to. There’s nothing sexy about a woman limping around and holding on to the furniture, even if she’s wearing 6″ spikes. My best tip is just be clean, neat, and project confidence. Then you can pretty much wear whatever you like!

  2. Julie Wood says:

    Very good tips to remember, especially with wearing high heels. I do not wear them to high and I make sure that I rest my feet when I get home. I love relaxing and wearing my yoga pants at home.

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