4 Winter Driving  Tips To Consider

It seems like there is always some place to go and we just can’t wait.  Everything seems like  an emergency.  We have to do this or do that and most of the time it’s involving getting into a car.

Winter Drive

I know, I know, we all have things we need to take care but for whatever reason brings you out on the road during  the winter, be sure to follow some precautions.  Here are a few tips to keep in mind.

Slow Down: This one here is pretty coming sense. With snow on the roadways or the roads simple being more slippery, the stopping distance increases, and the best way to have more room to live is to drive as the conditions dictate.  Take your time.  You’ll get but it’s important to get there safely.

Allow greater distance between vehicles: While normal conditions call for the three-second rule behind the vehicle in front (there should be three seconds of distance between you and the car ahead of you), it may be prudent to allow four to five seconds with snow and ice on the roadway.

Use your Lights and Wipers:   During wintry conditions, it is essential to be able to see what’s ahead, so lights and wipers are necessary. Part of the visibility factor is to not drive faster than your ability to see within stopping distance.

Prepare for the Snow

I think the best advice when it comes to driving with snow and ice on the road is to avoid it if at all possible. If snow is in the forecast, make sure you have all  the essential items before the snow begins to fall and stay home or someplace where it is possible to stay until the roads are clear. If this isn’t possible, use these guidelines and keep the driving to a minimum because the less time spent on the road means less chance of a winter accident.

Read these tips to a Winter Ready Car.

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