Yuletide Treasures: Creating Holidays Crafts and Gifts Using Your Home Printer

Most of us have a home printer and probably use it frequently to print out documents and other necessary but mundane items.

What many people are probably not aware of is the fact that their printer is also capable of helping you create some whimsical and fun themed crafts and gifts to use around the home and even give as presents.

Here are some ideas that might give you the inspiration to see your printer in a different light when you see what it can help you to make.

Gingerbread house

First thing to say is probably that once you get inspired you will be printing out plenty of craft projects so you might want to get more information on finding online printer supplies so that you always have what you need in stock.

The free printable gingerbread paper house is a popular project for kids who love to be able to put it together and then decorate it with any colours that take their fancy, creating a unique craft idea that will probably take pride of place in the house when it is finished.

Just download the PDF of the house or even use the template to draw your own design, which you can then print out using a paperless border option on your printer to reproduce it at the same size or fit to paper if you don’t mind a smaller version.

Santa’s village

Christmas is not that far away and you can use your printer to help create a charming printable Santa’s village which the kids will enjoy playing with once it is printed out and set up.

There is a small charge to download the templates you need for the project and you can also find a link for a nativity scene too.

If you don’t want to pay to download a ready-made version of the Santa’s village that you can create by printing out at home, it might at least give you the inspiration to try and create your own version to produce.

Christmas cards

Buying Christmas cards can be expensive and also sometimes lacks the personal touch, which is why it is a great idea to print your own cards, which will probably save you money and also be well received when the recipient sees you have taken the time to create them yourself.

You can use the guide to create some modern three dimensional cards and all you need to do is make sure you have some glitter and glue as well as some suitable scissors and paper, plus some imagination and creativity to produce a design of your own if you want to.

Colour in your own Christmas tree

If you are looking for a project which will keep the kids occupied for some time and will allow them the chance to get creative with colours, a printable Christmas tree might be the solution.

This free printable Christmas tree project is created using 22 A4 pages which you stick together like a giant jigsaw puzzle and then get colouring.

Create some yuletide treasures using your printer this season and watch the kids have some fun that keep them entertained for hours.

John Sollars started his printer cartridge supplier company in 2002 which is committed to paper recycling schemes. He enjoys sharing his printing insights online.

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