Why Short Homecoming Dresses Are the Way Forward For Homecoming

Wearing a shorter homecoming dress might just be the new full-length gown when it comes down to the hottest homecoming dress trends for 2016. Find out why sporting the mid-length homecoming dress can be the best decision you make.

Nowadays, the conventional long floaty, puffy homecoming dresses are becoming less popular as shorter styles are getting more fashionable. The shorter lengths that are on the market normally consist of a mini homecoming dress which falls mid-thigh to slightly above the knee. You can also opt for the midi which is a mid-length dress that falls anywhere between your knee and calf.

As they are becoming increasingly popular you will find that the amount of styles you can find in the shorter dress ranges have increased dramatically. There are many benefits for buying a shorter homecoming dress, a few being that it’s far more practical to dance in when the lights dim. They still look elegant whilst showing off more of your gorgeous legs. Finally, you can find them a tad more informal than the traditional gowns without being too informal.


All of those reasons amount to the perfect solution for your perfect homecoming dress. When searching for top homecoming dresses online for 2015, it’s good to search high and low for the brands that supply a diverse range so you can keep an open mind when choosing. If you are still weighing up the pros and cons of going for a shorter dress, here are some points that tip the favour towards the mid-length styles.

You will have a homecoming dress that you can wear for other occasions!

The great thing about shorter homecoming dresses is that they won’t only be worn on one occasion. As homecoming dresses normally cost a considerable amount of money, it would be a shame to have it sitting on your shelf after a few hours of showing it off to the world. With shorter styles you will be able to get more wear out of it and you will be surprised just how many future parties and events you will be able to wear it to! Family gatherings, birthdays, dinner parties – you name it! A good place to start looking for a short homecoming dress is the PromDressShop.com where you can find dresses that are fashionable just as they are versatile.

For comfort and ease of movement

Long dresses can be restrictive and if you enjoy getting loose on the dance floor, the floor-length styles can really kill your vibes. When you go for the shorter homecoming dress you have no need to worry about that as you can move freely, running, jumping (God forbid twerking) to your heart’s content without having to lift your dress up off the floor every second.

The drop in price is always a winner

No matter where you go, mid-length and shorter homecoming dresses will inevitably be cheaper than long gowns. You don’t have to splash all your funds on one single night. You may have a smaller amount of money and still find the most stunning dress.

Your heels can get some air

When you have a longer dress, your shoes will be covered for the whole duration of your homecoming. This is a shame as you probably put a lot of thought into your footwear choice! Shorter styles can be great for showing off your sparkly heels or classy wedges to the fullest extent. You will also have more room to experiment as you can choose the perfect shoe style to match your dress knowing it will be seen as a whole.

You will be keeping it unique

As you search the web and department stores for short homecoming dresses, you will discover that more and more brands are expanding their ranges. It turns out that shorter styles are becoming increasingly popular as they have become the modern twist on the traditional homecoming dress.


Short Homecoming Dresses

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