Tips For Cool Summer Dressing

Summer, glorious summer! Personally, I adore the season – no matter how hot it gets. One of my friends likes to joke that she can get so hot she’d be happy to walk around naked, while I’m totally okay wearing a jersey. After our last girls day out which ended with her almost melting in her shoes and me as cool and breezy as ever, she told me that I had to reveal my secrets or else she was going to divorce me forever. So, I decided that maybe I should share that advice with everyone and save a few ladies from overheating this summer!

The first part of staying cool is reducing stress. And for most of us these days that means staying within our budgets and saving as much as we can. Now we all have our own ways of doing this, things we’ve picked up online and things our parents taught us. For me that first step to saving big is looking for coupon codes for Neiman Marcus and other promos on everything from groceries to plane tickets.

And now onto my tips for cool summer dressing!

Avoid tight clothing or anything too flimsy

You might think a tiny pair of shorts and a tank top would be cooler but in truth the less material that actually touches your skin, the cooler you’ll be. However, remember that if the material is too flimsy it will stick to you with the slightest dampening of your skin, so it should have some structure.

Choose natural fabrics and open weave knits

Natural fabrics are much cooler than even the lightest of synthetics while open weaves allow those delicious cooling breezes to blow across your skin!

Wear clean clothes after a hot shower

Wearing clothes for even a short time leaves dirt, sweat fiber and cosmetics trapped in the fibers. This makes them less breathable so you get hotter. While a cold shower seems like a good idea, your body reacts to it by raising your core temperature so you’ll be sweating again before you’re fully dressed.

Skip the embellishments but wear shady accessories

Heavy embellishments like beading and especially metal weigh your clothes down and trap body heat close to your skin. A wide brimmed hat or a lightweight scarf gives you portable shade, which is also a great fashion accessory!

Only wear unlined clothing and bags with long straps

Linings are normally made from synthetic materials which turn your clothing into a very cute, but extremely uncomfortable hotbox. What’s more, backpacks and under the shoulder bags are just one more layer of material that is normally quite thick and not in the least breathable pressed against your skin.

Scarves and socks are not just for winter

A light cotton or even chiffon scarf can be used to tie your hair off your neck and while sandals sound like a better idea for keeping cool, socks protect your feet against the dirt that makes them hot. They’re also great for absorbing any sweat so your shoes last longer.

Cover up with light colors

If you know you’re going to be in the sun then covering up blocks the direct sunlight that causes sunburn and raises your temperature. If you’re mostly indoors then dark colors don’t really make a difference but if you’re out hiking or picnicking then they’ll absorb the heat.

Jewelry makes you sweaty and so do padded bras

Whether it’s a light piece of jewelry or something heavy, anything that touches your skin just makes for one more heat generating point of contact. When it’s hot the only thing that padding does for you is make you sweat.

Remember about these helpful tips whenever you feel and stay cool!

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