Show You Care: Customized Gift Tips and Ideas


People expect gifts at Christmas, on their birthday, and anniversaries, but they have no idea what the gifts might be. This year, surprise your recipients with a personalized gift. Any person can buy a tie off the rack or pick a shirt out of a catalog, but not all gift givers go the extra mile to ensure the recipient feels extra special. If you need a few ideas or have no idea what kinds of customized gifts are available, look no further.

Porcelain Family Figurines

Family portraits are a common staple in family rooms and paying for a family photo shoot is a great gesture, but it’s been done before. However, getting figurines made to resemble family members is definitely a unique gift. Immortalize your family members in porcelain. Order porcelain dolls made in the likeness of family and friends.

Come-to-Life Drawings

Kids love to draw; it provides an outlet for their creativity. Often, they conjure things that resemble real animals or people, but other times, they concoct visions that are fresh out of their minds. How cool would it be to get a stuffed animal inspired by one of their very own drawings? For little ones, it’s an incredible experience to see their drawings magically come-to-life as a possession they can hold and keep forever.

Pet Mug for Pet Lovers

People obsess about their pets. Some dress their pups in sweaters and others take their cats for a walk. Getting a gift that represents their pet is a great gift for any pet lover. If they enjoy coffee or tea almost as much as their pet, they’ll love a mug with the face of their best friend painted on the side.

Personalized Ornament

When you get a person a present, they may use it a few times and then tuck it away. However, when you buy a person a token from the Ornament Shop, they’re likely to put it on their Christmas tree each year or arrange it somewhere in their home, so they’re repeatedly reminded of your kindness.

Stylized Stationery

Writing is becoming a lost art and mode of expression, especially in keeping in contact with other people. Today, people write on Facebook pages, tweet at one another, and share selfies on Instagram. Otherwise, you may receive a text or email from a friend you haven’t heard from in some time. But, whatever happened to the written letter? If you get a family or friend their very own stationery, they just might be inspired to write you and others letters instead. How unique!

Airplane Necklace

Have you ever been lounging on a beach, hear something coming in the distance, and look up to see a propeller plane followed by some kind of message, whether it is a commercial advertisement or personal message? Get a friend or family member an airplane pendant with associated and personalized message. Make the plane’s message spell their name or provide an inside joke that only the two of you ‘get.’

Lisa Hanson is a full-time mom and has been creating her own gifts and craft ideas for years. She loves to share her thoughts and suggestions with an online audience and has written for a number of family-orientated sites.

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