Seven of the Most Delicious Alcohol Lemonade Cocktails


To mark the end of summer, we have put together seven recipes for alcoholic lemonades. Were sure everyone will find a favorite here.

1. Vodka Limoncello Lemonade
1 oz 31Dover Handmade Vodka
1 oz limoncello
1 oz sweet and sour mix
1/2 oz agave nectar
2 lemon wedges

Add Belvedere 007 SPECTRE Vodka, limoncello and sweet and sour mix to a glass filled with ice and squeeze a lemon wedge into it. Shake and pour into a sugar rimmed glass.

2. Berry Medley Premier Lemonade

Chilled Lemonade
Mint leaves
Orange slices
Strawberries, washed, hulled and halved
A simple British cocktail. Fill a jug with ice. Mix one part Pimms No 1 with three parts chilled lemonade. Add mint, cucumber, orange and strawberry. Stir and serve.

3. St. Germain Strawberry Lemonade

3 strawberries
1 ounce St. Germain
1 ounce Lemon juice
1 ounce Simple Syrup
1 ounce 31 Dover Vodka
Club soda
Crushed ice

Mix strawberries together with lemon juice and simple syrup into a glass. Add 31Dover vodka and St. Germain and stir. Fill the glass with crushed ice and top with club soda.
4. Bourbon and Honey Thyme Lemonade
Thyme Simple Syrup* (recipe below)
Sparkling Lemonade
31Dover Bourbon
Thyme for garnish
Lemon peel for garnish
Combine 2 oz bourbon, 1 oz of thyme simple syrup, a drizzle or two of honey, mix and top with sparkling lemonade.
*Thyme Simple Syrup
1 cup turbinado sugar
1 cup water
12 sprigs of thyme
Mix the turbinado sugar with one cup of water in a small saucepan over a medium heat and stir until sugar dissolves. Add thyme.
5. 31Dover Tennessee Trip

1 part 31Dover Tennessee whiskey
1 part sweet and sour mix
1 part triple sec
4 parts 31 Dover soda
Combine above ingredients into a glass with ice, stir and serve with lemon slices and cherries.

6. Summer Shandy Surprise

Fresh Squeezed Lemonade
IPA of your choice.
Pour equal parts lemonade halfway up a pint glass and top with IPA. Garish with a lemon and serve.
7. Tequila Thrill Lemonade

6 ozs 31Dover Tequila
3 ozs triple sec
1 oz frozen lemonade concentrate (or lemon simple syrup, see recipe below)
1 cup strawberries
2 cups crushed ice
1 sprig mint
Mix all the above ingredients, except garnish, into a blender, adding ice as required for a ‘slushy’ combination. Coat the rim of glass with water and dip in sugar. Share mixture among the glasses and serve with a wedge of lemon and mint sprig.


  1. Dragos says:

    the Dover Tennessee Trip sound really interesting, I wonder how it would look like in my cocktail dispenser made by these guys here :

  2. Julie Wood says:

    This is my favorite drink out of all of them-The St. Germain Strawberry Lemonade! This drink looks so pretty and a good one for me to try for the Holidays!

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