Home Decor: How to Display Wall Art without Ruining Your Walls

homeWall art is something you’ve probably tried before. But, how many times have you hung it up only to damage your walls with holes and cracks? Here’s how to save your walls and still enjoy the art.

Command Hang Strips

Command Hang Strips are a godsend for renters, because they allow you to hang pictures on the wall without ruining the paint or the wall itself. No more nail holes to fill.

Command strips are basically hooks that are fastened to the wall using a special type of adhesive. It’s really powerful stuff, but it comes off fairly easily when you need it to.

The reason is because these strips come with a little pull-tab that hangs below the hook. When you’re done with the hook, you pull and the adhesive slides off the back, releasing the hook. The adhesive strips are sold separately so you can reuse them if you want (also a nice feature).

There’s virtually no cleanup and nothing to fill because you’re not pounding holes in the wall.

These types of hanging systems can be purchased just about anywhere, and they will accommodate pretty hefty wall art – even the heavy-duty frames on http://www.bedbathandbeyond.com/.

Wire Framing

If you can punch holes at the ends of your walls, you can minimize the amount of cleanup required later on. Wires can be strung, almost like lights, across the wall, and the art can be hung up on them.

The wireframe itself is sort of artistic in and of itself.

Use a Wooden Rack

A freestanding wooden rack can be used as a device for hanging wall art. You can also buy an old freestanding bookstand and turn that into a faux wall for your art. This is a really creative and inexpensive way to circumvent a “no nails” policy.

Use Washi Tape

Washi tape is cool stuff. It’s removable tape that you can use to create a “frame” around some prints – forgo the frame and stick the picture directly to the wall. The best part? Washi tape comes off easily so you don’t have to worry about ruining the paint or the drywall.
And, the tape comes in different widths, colors, and patterns. Yes, patterned tape. You can create an almost unlimited variety of frames for prints.

Lean Art against the Wall

Sometimes, you don’t need to hang anything on the wall at all. Have you ever been into an art studio and seen paintings just leaning up against the wall?

If the piece is large enough, lean it against the wall. It totally works. Or, if you have a large piece of art, and smaller pieces, lean the smaller pieces against the larger piece.

You could also incorporate antique or old and stylish furniture into the decor. For example, you could place the art on top of an old trunk or table and push the table up against the wall. It serves two purposes: it’s a place for your wall art and it’s a place where you can set things down.

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