Candles and Candleholder Ideas for Home Décor

Candles are a beautiful and inexpensive way to decorate your home. Available in just about every size and color you can think of, they’re an easy way to add a seasonal touch year round. Candles also fill your home with a gorgeous warm and welcoming atmosphere.

candlesFor many candle lovers, finding the perfect candle holder that also matches your home’s existing décor and style can pose a challenge. But, did you know that by getting a little creative you can create your own candle holders to perfectly match your style and ideas. Your probably already have most of the materials in your home.

1. Old wine glasses can be transformed easily into candle holders by simply adding a tea light candle inside. If you’d like to get more creative, fill the glass with materials such as sand or coffee beans, and then rest the candle on top. Long stemmed glasses can also make a striking display when turned upside down. Place a flower bloom or other seasonal item underneath the glass, and then sit the candle on the flat part of the bottom of the glass, which is now the top.

2. Rather than throwing out any old Mason jars or any other clear glass jars, turn them into candle holders. Their wide mouth means they can accommodate big or small candles. The jars can be used as is, or you may like to decorate them with paint or other accessories. If you’re feeling extra crafty, how about cutting the top off an old beer bottle or tin can for a unique display. You can clean the label off, or leave it on for an extra touch of whimsy.

3. Wine bottles make for a stunning display for the longer thin dinner candles. The candles fit perfectly in the neck of the bottle, and also make for a unique and beautiful display as the wax drips down the bottle. They can also be used as is, or for an extra touch spray paint the bottle to match your décor. Metallic colors also look great.

4. Look around in nature to create a beautiful candle holder. A cute idea for a rustic candle holder is to cut dried twigs to similar sizes and then glue them to shorter glass candle holders. Coconut shells make for a surprising but interesting candle holder, as do large flat shells for tea light candles. You can even hollow out half an orange to use as a tea light candle holder. These can also let off a beautiful scent as the candle gently heats the orange.

By taking a look at the items around your home in a different light, and getting a bit creative and crafty, you can create the perfect candle display for your home.


  1. Julie Wood says:

    I use the mason jars to put colorful Autumn candles this time of year and have them on my mantle right above the fireplace. They look so pretty with my autumn garland. These are great tips to use!

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