10 Ways to #LiveBrighter as a Family

Even though it is supposed to be a relaxing time, summer around here can get pretty crazy! Between work and our normal responsibilities, there’s also summer camp, pool parties, traveling, time with friends and family, and so much more! Some summers I’m so excited for school to start again just so I can catch my breath!


This summer we decided to set aside our busy schedules and simply enjoy time together as a family. We just got back from a road trip to Destin, Florida and it was as dreamy as they come! We spent a few days relaxing and playing on the beach and a few adventurous days at the water park.

big kahuna

It was the perfect week of family, food, and sun and was the definitely the chance to re-charge and refresh that we all needed.


family vacy


I loved setting aside our gadgets and distractions and feel totally inspired to #LiveBrighter in our everyday lives.

family vacay

10 Ways to #LiveBrighter as a Family:

1. Laugh and be silly together
2. Designate family time with no distractions
3. Get out of your routine and be unpredictable together
4. Give each person a chance to shine
5. Make a mess together
6. Ask real questions of each other and listen to the responses
7. Eat dinner together at your dining table
8. Work on a project together
9. Serve someone anonymously as a family
10. Turn up the music and dance!

And sometimes you just have to enjoy the view

enjoying the view
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Direct Energy Live Brighter

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How do you #LiveBrighter?

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