Wardrobe Essentials for Every Woman

If you are tired of catching up with the latest trends and trying to figure out what new item to bring home with you, start to reconsider your shopping habits, and start to shop for some classic and timeless clothing. These clothes will be easy to mix and match, and also work for all occasions as well. From professional looks to more fun occasions, all these items will look great if you match it correctly. So here is a short list of the essential pieces which should definitely be in every single woman’s wardrobe. Use it as an inspiration too, and you will soon look like a real sophisticated lady.


White Tee

Let’s start from really simple but super versatile piece – white short sleeved t-shirt. Every woman should have at least one of nice quality t-shirt, which she could wear everywhere. Put in on with some nice shorts and here – you are ready for a shopping trip. Get some business costume on together with it and you will soften your professional look a little bit. You can even go out with it, just pull some thigh jeans or mini skirt and some great necklace to bling it up and you are all ready to go!

Skinny Jeans

Just like white tees, and just like all the items I am going to write about in this article, skinny jeans works with many different looks and occasions. With some great suit jacket, you can look super sexy and sharp at work. Also, for the night out you can mix it with some bright top and feel comfortable and great. Just be sure to get a high-quality item and so you will always look great!

Black Heels

Black heels are super versatile and should also be easily founded in every single woman’s wardrobe. It will work with you everywhere you go, and will easily create a feminine and sexy look. Purchase simple black heels, or some more risqué statement pieces and be sure to look incredible with it every time.

Pencil Skirt

Skirts in the shape of a pencil will work for all week as well. Forget that these skirts are only looking good at the office environment, because the latest trends show wide new horizons of places where you can go with it. Of course, at an office it will look great with some nice and tailored jacket, but bravely pull it during the weekend with some easy and loose blouse to create more relaxed look.

Leather Jacket

One great neutral color leather jacket will do the trick of matching many different types of clothing in your wardrobe too. You will always look like a cool chic with it and feel like a real femme fatale. Moreover, leather jackets, for your surprise, looks great with some floral and fun summer dresses! It balances the sweetness and toughness together and will make every girl look young and unique. And of course, it will always keep you warm during windy fall days.

Little Black Dress

Finally, the most wanted and the most versatile piece in your wardrobe should be just a little black dress. This is a real hero for a girl who wants to have one, but super piece and wear it for different occasions. With appropriate accessorizing it can be easily worn during work days, as well as at the night out or even for a small picnic! All little black dresses will look great on every single body shape too, so bravely purchase at least one black dress and be sure to always look amazing.



  1. Julie Wood says:

    Yes, I like this list and agree that all these items are essential for every woman. I have a white tee and skinny jeans and I need to get a pencil skirt and Leather Jacket, otherwise I have all the other items.

  2. Your list of Wardrobe Essentials is very good. If I had to categorize the most important in your list for myself, the top three would be Little Black Dress, Black Pencil Skirt, and a White Tee.

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