Housewarming Gift Ideas They’ll Actually Want

If you’ve got a friend’s housewarming party coming up, you are surely wanting to come up with some unique gift ideas that your friend will enjoy, but that they will also find useful. When trying to buy a nice gift for a friend, it can be difficult to be certain that you’re investing in something that will actually match their taste. The best way to choose housewarming gifts is to think about something you think matches your friend’s personality and taste, but that they would probably never think to buy for themselves.

1. Home décor items. If you’ve got a sense of the person or couple’s individual home decoration style, take a swing at buying them some home goods that you think they will enjoy. Shoot for items that are modern, popular, and fashionable, but that can be easily added to many different types of design scheme. Check out for some a plethora of ideas for some unique, little touches that will brighten up any modern home. Other ideas might include:
A nice piece of pottery or a nice vase. Think something small that could easily be added to a bookshelf or a guest bedroom. It should be a nice piece that you are proud to give, but not such a large piece that it will take over the general design scheme of a whole room.
Interesting and unique books that might also make nice coffee table books or books to place in a guest bedroom or bathroom so that they can be multi-purpose as a decoration.
A piece of wall art. It’s a good idea to choose cautiously with your selection of wall art. You won’t want to choose something that will not work with their current design scheme, but you will still want to give them something nice enough to seem like a real and thoughtful gift.

2. Practical items. Moving in can be extremely chaotic and confusing. Help your friends adjust more quickly by gifting them some practical items. This will mean fewer items they have to buy later for themselves.
A rake, snow shovel, rubber hose, sprinkler head, a few bags of kitty litter for keeping snow off the driveway, or other practical items based on your location and the types of weather you face.

A small spice rack, wine bottle holder or ice bucket, cooler, etc. Think about what interests them and what kinds of things they could actually use and keep this in mind when shopping. For example, if they like to go boating, you could get them a small cooler for their boat outings.

A tool kit, packs of nails and screws of different types and sizes, and a few packages of environmentally friendly light bulbs.
Starter kits – buy lots and lots of something that you know the couple will need eventually like toilet paper, coffee, cleaning supplies, canned goods, boxes of noodles, etc. If you go this route, be sure to pay attention to their food allergies and preferences. If you don’t know, ask someone who would.

A “welcome to the neighborhood” kit – If the housewarming party you are attending is for new neighbors, consider making a gift that will make them feel welcomed. For example, you could put together a book of maps of the local area with spots marked out like places for kid-friendly activities, backroads and shortcuts, and favorite local hole-in-the-wall spots. Include a few pages of activity suggestions classified by type, as well. For example, have a page on date night dinner places and a page for places to see music and shows. Be sure to also include a neighborhood directory with names, addresses, phone numbers, and email addresses for everyone in the neighborhood. If the family has any kids, put together a list of all of the names, ages, and phone numbers of the kids in the neighborhood for setting up play dates.

3. Items for the kitchen. If you’ve got a friend who enjoys cooking and experimenting in the kitchen, think about buying them some fancy, expensive, or unique kitchen items that might be fun to have or use, especially if they are unique items that your friend might not normally buy for themselves. Ideas might include:

Unique or funny beer and wine bottle openers.
Nice bottles of olive oil, vinegar, infused oils, etc.
Decorative items for the kitchen like cork boards or chalk board labels for jars and glasses.
Decorative Mason jars. Include an arrangement of flowers in each jar or homemade preserves when you give this gift.
Decorative measuring cups or spoons.
A nice set of wooden spoons with a nice vase to use as a holder.
A set of lemonade glasses or margarita glasses with a pitcher or a decorative punch bowl. Include some nice cloth napkins for a nice gift display.
Decorative towels.
Pancake plates (plates with syrup compartments). This is definitely a fun idea (especially if they have kids) that most people probably wouldn’t buy for themselves!
Preassembled meals – make and bring over a covered dish or two. This will be a much appreciated gift in the first few days of move-in!

Planning a great housewarming gift doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive! Once you’ve thought of a few things about the new homeowners, give yourself space to come up with some creative gift


  1. All of these are excellent ideas for Housewarming Gifts. I really like the idea of a Starter Kit with all the practical items.

  2. Julie Wood says:

    I like anything as a gift from items in the kitchen. I have gotten kitchen items and I really use them. I also like the idea of getting a rake, snow shovel, rubber hose, sprinkler head, a few bags of kitty litter for keeping snow off the driveway. These are all great ideas!

  3. Elisabeth says:

    This comes at a perfect time, my sister’s house warming party is coming up!

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