Four Types of Family Vacations

Every summer, my husband and I like to take our kids on a memorable family trip. It’s a great chance to explore new places, spend lots of time together, and establish traditions and memories that are so important in our family. But lately we’ve sensed a little less excitement than normal, and it may be because we take pretty much the same trip every year. So this year we’re mixing it up with something new to keep our kids (and ourselves) happy and excited without breaking the bank. Here are four types of family vacations you can go on to break up the monotony:

types of family vacations-01

  • At first we were a little nervous to bring our kids camping, but it has quickly turned into one of our favorite adventures. Camping can be a quick weekend trip close to home or a longer trip that is a drive away. Be sure to bring enough food and camping equipment for everyone in your family. If you don’t own all the essentials, ask to borrow from friends or rent from a camping outfitter.
  •  Theme park. There are amusement and water parks all across the country, and it can be fun to incorporate them into your family vacation. Aside from the big names, smaller, lesser-known theme parks can be cheaper and less crowded and a great way to explore somewhere new. Theme parks work best for slightly older children, but you can always get creative and bring along kids of all ages. And because theme park admission can be on the expensive side, we tend to look for discount food and accommodations.
  • Family history. As my kids have gotten older, I’ve felt a stronger desire to connect them with the past. This summer we plan on visiting places that are important to our ancestors, such as seeing the houses where my grandparents were born and visiting the cemeteries where lots of relatives are buried. I also have stories from ancestors that we can read as a family as we travel so we can better understand the lives of our departed relatives.
  • Urban adventure. There are huge urban hubs all over the country that provide tons of opportunities for family fun. From San Francisco to Chicago and Miami, the beauty of urban areas is that there is something for everyone. When we explore a big city, we give each kid the chance to choose an activity; that way, everyone is happy and we get to see things we might not have chosen on our own.

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