Five Things Every Young Professional Woman Needs

There comes a time in every woman’s life when she finds herself at a crossroads—you’re no longer in college, so those Ramen noodle meals and cheap furniture don’t really cut it, but you’re not quite established enough to spring for designer handbags on a whim. When that moment comes, it’s time to put behind the things you’ve had for decades (you know those high school sweats I’m talking about) and transform into a real professional woman. Here are five things every young professional needs to get started:


Leather purse or briefcase. No matter your industry or occupation, people will take you seriously when you carry a classic leather purse or briefcase. You don’t need to drop an entire paycheck on the bag, but make sure you find something sturdy and timeless—you’ll have this piece for years to come.

Workout routine. A woman who’s got her life on track knows the importance of taking care of her body. It can be running with a friend every weekend, hitting up a Pilates class, or lifting weights at the gym, but get in the habit of good exercise now. You’re body will thank you later.

Transportation. If you live in a big city, transportation could mean an unlimited bus or subway pass. If you live anywhere else, this means a bike or car. Your car doesn’t need to be brand new, but it does need to be yours—it’s time to stop bumming rides off your friends. And with a little saving, you could be on your way to owning your dream car.

Power suit. Invest in a classic, tailored suit that will give you lots of leverage at the office. The suit style can change depending on your industry, but it should definitely be something you can wear for years to come.

Passport. A professional woman should be able to travel, so a passport is a necessity. Keep your passport updated and in a safe place so you are ready for an international trip whenever it comes up, either for work or pleasure. Get out there and see the world!

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