Even My Pets Deserve a Stylish Bed


We have 3 dogs; Stretch a chihuahua/dachshund/rat terrier mix, Ellie an overweight miniature dachshund and Rascal a slightly neurological impaired chihuahua/dachshund mix otherwise known as a Chiweenie. Our pups are more than pets, they’re family and we tend to spoil them and let them boss us around. Well, I should say my husband gets bossed around more than I do and Rascal does most of the bossing.

Aren’t they adorable?

One thing we believe is making our dogs comfortable whether it’s putting a blanket on the floor for them to move around, bunch up and lay on or letting them have most of our bed at night. I’d love to get them each a bed of their own but I have a strong feeling we’d be the ones in the dog beds while they’re stretched out on our queen size mattress. Perhaps a unique, stylish bed would give them more incentive to sleep where they belong and let us stretch out in our bed for once.

Here are a few I found that I think they just might like.

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by Dee Marie at Mode


  1. Julie Wood says:

    Your dogs are adorable! It seems that every time I get a dog bed, my dog will not lay in it, he wants the couch. I think he wants to sit up and lay by me. I think a nice dog bed is needed when I am not around and my dog is in his room when I am away.

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