Perfect Summer Entertaining with Charmin

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When the temperatures get hotter and the days get longer, my house turns into party central. Our summers are full of houseguests, neighborhood parties, and lots of barbeques with friends and family. This summer we’re hosting a large family reunion and my son’s birthday party—our house will definitely turn into Celebration Central!

I try to get everything ready before our guests arrive, which includes making sure the house is tidy, the food is ready, and the grill is on. I make lists of everything we need and make sure to stock up at the store, including having extra essentials ready just in case. But I’ve learned from experience there is one important thing that can cause major distress if it is overlooked—toilet paper.

charmin ultraCharmin ultra strongI have to share an unfortunate incident from the summer of 2012 just so you can learn from my mistakes. We were getting ready to have a party with friends and family.  Something that we do often.  It was perfect—we had the grill fired up, our friends were laughing, and the stars were glistening. But halfway through the party a friend pulled me aside and said we were out of toilet paper. In a bit of an embarrassing moment, I had to leave my perfect party and run to the store for toilet paper, hoping the entire time that someone didn’t try to use the paper-less bathroom while I was gone. I made it back and recovered the night quite nicely, but it was a bad experience I hope to never repeat. Now we’re all about stocking up on toilet paper and making sure we can enjoy the entire night without an unpleasant interruption.

Having lots of people in my house means my toilet is on overdrive for most of the summer. After a few unfortunate incidents and mid-party runs to the store during past summer gatherings, I’ve learned the importance of always having a good stock of toilet paper, and for me, that means stocking up on Charmin. It’s guaranteed flushable and endorsed by Roto-Rooter, which means no matter how much toilet paper gets shoved in the toilet, I don’t have to worry about clogged pipes and backed-up plumbing. Plus, Charmin is soft and comfortable on everyone’s bottoms. I always make sure to pick up a few packs of Charmin on my shopping trips (I love that I can buy it almost anywhere) to make summer entertaining a little more comfortable and stress-free for everyone. It’s a small thing, and maybe not the most glamorous product, but it makes a huge difference in turning a good party into a great party!

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  1. We have used Charmin for years, only brand we will buy and the soft is the best!

  2. “Roto Rooter, that’s the name–and away goes trouble down the drain!” I don’t think I will ever forget that jingle. If Roto Rooter recommends Charmin then it has to be good!

  3. We use Charmin too in our home. Definitely helps with no clogs especially when you have 5 little children.

  4. Charmin is definitely the perfect toilet paper for entertaining. It is very soft and lasts very long.

  5. Wouldn’t it be great if we could just get an outhouse for guests and it wouldn’t be frowned on?!

  6. I have young kids ad I always make sure that we have toilet paper in stock. Charmin is a great brand,

  7. Rosey says:

    Charmin is a high quality brand. I trust it implicitly. Some things you really shouldn’t skimp on and TP is one of ’em.

  8. I’ll be keeping Charmin in stock for sure! I’m planning on having guests frequently in the coming months.

  9. Julie Wood says:

    I think Charmin is the best toilet paper on the market. I always use this brand. I bet it was embarrassing that you ran out of toilet paper when you had a party! I have stacks of toilet paper because I fear that I will run out!

  10. We are avid Charmin fans. I like that Charmin comes in Ultra Soft and Ultra Strong. We have to get each kind because we have some finicky family at home.

  11. Elisabeth says:

    Love Charmin! Your story has inspired me to always stay stocked up lol!

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