Get the Most Money on Your Used Car Trade In

Young Couple Signing a Contract  in Car Showroom.

When it comes to buying a used car, every penny counts. Maximize your budget by getting the most money you can for trading in your old car—all it takes is these five steps.

1. Know the value. It pays to do your homework before hitting the car dealership. Search online for a used car value calculator, which should give you a pretty good estimate of what your car is worth when taking the year, make and model, and mileage into account. You can even print out the results and use them to help your trade-in negotiations.
2. Fix the small things. It often isn’t worth the cost of putting in new brakes or a new transmission, but fixing small problems with your car can make a big difference. Take some time to fix dents and scratches, replace hubcaps, get an extra key made, or any other small fixes that will give your car an extra boost in value.

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