Extra Costs of Used Car Maintenance

Average Costs of Used Car Maintenance

Just because you’ve signed the papers on a new used car doesn’t mean you’re done spending money. All cars come with additional ownership fees, but used car pricing can get a little tricky, as these cars are more susceptible to maintenance issues and unpredictability. Here are some extra used car maintenance costs to consider to really know the true cost of your used car.

Insurance. You’re in luck—new cars tend to be more expensive to insure, but that doesn’t mean you’re out the woods with a used car. Your insurance agent will still look at the car’s history, as well as your driving history and demographics. Right after buying a car is a good time to shop around for the best car insurance rates.

Registration. Each state has different regulations and procedures for registering a car, but in most cases it needs to be renewed every year. In many states, older cars are also subjected to more stringent and frequent emissions checks, which can add a few hundred dollars to your annual registration fees.

These are only a couple I’ve shared here but you can read my full article over on the Kaser Used Cars Blog! I’ve included some really good suggestions there.


  1. Insurance is a great thing to consider when it comes to buying a used a car! Like you say, just because you get a used car doesn’t mean you’re magically going to get incredibly cheap insurance. One other thing I’d suggest with a used car is becoming friendly with a local mechanic. Chances are that at some point you’re going to need some repairs, and it’s much easier if you’re prepared for that eventuality. Find someone you can trust, and know you’re in good hands!

  2. Julie Wood says:

    Insurance costs are so important to check out when buying a new car or used car. Some cars have high insurance costs, and just because you got a good deal on a used car, does not mean that there will be no problems!

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