Easy Ways to Perk Up a Used Car

Easy Ways to Perk Up a Used Car
Just because you bought a used car doesn’t mean you’re stuck with a musty old smell and unsightly seat cushions. It doesn’t take much to perk up and add personality to a used car—here are five budget-friendly ways to make it happen:

1. Clean it. Spend an afternoon deep cleaning your car or take it to get professionally detailed, complete with vacuuming the crevasses, washing the windows, and treating the tires. While you’re at it, get a new air freshener. Clean cars just feel better and fresher—maybe it is knowing that all of the new dirt belongs to you instead of the previous owner.

2. Replace old accessories. Even something as small as replacing old floor mats or seat covers can make a huge difference in making a car your own. Invest in quality floor mats that will keep your car in top shape for a long time.

3. Add new accessories. Find something fun that represents your personality and put it in your car. Is it a chic license plate holder or a quirky bobblehead for the dashboard? Whatever it is, your car is the perfect place to showcase your personality.

To read about more things you can do to perk up a used vehicle, hop on over to Lynch Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram  to read the rest of my tips.

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