Spring Forward into Men’s Fashion this Year with these Pro Tips

Spring is upon us and what better way to commemorate the change of season than to update your work wear wardrobe. Tune up that closet with these fashion tips!

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Savvy fashion conscious men typically have no problem deciding what to wear during the wintertime; however, the spring season can prove to be a little bit more difficult. It seems to most men that seasonal spring fashions are as temperamental as the weather itself, making it incredibly hard to plan what to wear on any given day.

When weather and temperature can change drastically from one point in the day to the next, it is probably in any man’s best interests to layer up. And layers aren’t necessarily a bad thing, as they can quite easily provide a number of opportunities to look great while being creative with one’s own style.

First let’s look at all the moving parts in springtime men’s fashion, to figure out how best to leverage our wardrobe; from the ground up we had shoes and socks, pants, belts, shirts, blazers, and weather appropriate outer jacket. On top of that we have scarves, sunglasses, briefcase, and an optional hat to play with. Even personal grooming provides options, and this new season may be the perfect excuse to try growing that beard or that new hairstyle.

Choosing fashionable clothing does not come easily to all men so here are a few tips to look your best in the office this spring – what better way to commemorate the change of season, than by giving that wardrobe a tune up.

First the basics

Before we begin to consider what’s popular in fashion this year, it’s important to remember what’s always in style. There are a number of staples in men’s fashion that will never get old or out of date, and the very presence of these mainstays can save you a fair amount of pocket change.

Let’s take a look at some basic male fashion staples that are always in style, before shopping at your clothing suppliers.

Polo shirts

Polo shirts have a whole lot of staying power and they’ve survived past trends year in and year out – they have even outlived the likes of Tiger Woods and Arnold Palmer! From solid colours to patterned weaves, rock stars and popped collars, there is no wrong way to work polo shirt at work.


This time of year everybody needs a good pair of socks and that goes without saying. However, what you do with those socks is a whole other story. Socks are a great opportunity to show off a little bit of personal identity and flair. Logistically your socks do not need to match your outfit at all, and a pair of Capt. America socks underneath the Gucci suit can still look pretty baller.

When it comes to socks, the more outlandish and crazy patterns that bring the most noise, win.

Straight cut trousers

Straight cut trousers provide a classic timeless look, and they produce clean lines for the eyes to follow. Straight cuts are not just for jeans either, and if you’re looking at suit pants leave out the pleat.

New Men’s Fashions for 2015


Not everyone can pull off a good sweater and some trends suit one body type better than another. If there is one sweater fashion trend that will play well with just about every body type this year, it’s a fine gauge knit marled sweater.

Patterns and colours

The most popular patterns this year are both stripes and checked tailoring. Not to be confused with the Plata grunge era, 2015’s checked tailoring are full of cleanly defined lines, peppered with this season’s greens, browns, and reds. (Just make sure you do not combine them all in one wardrobe!)

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