6 Easy Date Nights For The Busy Couple

Guest Post by Bryanda of Quirky, Brown Love!

After working a long week, it can be hard to commit to a date night every week, but it is important to do so to keep your relationship going strong! When most people think of date night, the first thing that comes to mind is dinner and a movie out on the town; however, for a busy couple, the traditional date night can seem impossible. Luckily, I have come up with a tried and true list of 6 easy date nights for even the busiest couple. And the great thing about these dates-you won’t have to hire a sitter because they can all be done at home!

1. Try Something New Date

something new

Since you are going to go grocery shopping anyways, why not pick out some new snacks that you have never tried before? Take a break from the usual chips and cookies and try something that seems downright weird! The best place to go for off the wall snacks, in my opinion is Trader Joe’s. When Matt and I did this date, we found a lot of interesting snacks!

2. At Home Indie Film Festival

indie festival

There are so many talented filmmakers on YouTube that you have probably never heard of. Use this date to show some love to indie filmmakers by watching a few shorts on YouTube and then featuring a full length movie as the ‘main feature’. Matt and I found a great indie movie on Netflix when we had this date.

3. City Themed Hangout

city themed hangout

No time for traveling? No problem! Matt and I have been planning to go for New York City forever, but just can’t find the time to go. Therefore, we brought the city to us in our New York Inspired Hangout. We were able to find some Brooklyn Brewery beer, we had chinese take-in and watched Mad Men.

4.Homemade Happy Hour

homemade happy hour

This is a fun date, especially after a hard day at work. It can be tempting to just go to a bar at the end of the week, but if you are trying to save some cash, it is a lot more affordable to make your drinks at home. What’s better is that you get more bang for your buck when you buy your own alcohol AND you don’t have to worry about who is driving home! Need some brushing up on your bartending skills? Check out my super easy recipe for my signature drink, Tropical Turn Up.

5. Netflix Discovery Party

netflix party

Just about everyone has Netflix nowadays. Why not use it for date night? Just make dinner and make it your goal to find something that neither of you has ever watched before. It could be something random or something silly. Who knows, maybe you’ll find your new favorite show like we did!

6. At Home Comedy Show

at  home comedy show

As much as I would love to see Kevin Hart when he comes to town, my bank account doesn’t always find him to be that funny! Instead, we have made at-home comedy shows a thing at our house. Netflix has a great variety of stand-up comedians, so all you have to do is pop some popcorn and let the good times roll! Our favorite at-home comedy show date was when we watched “Delirious” by Eddie Murphy!

Looking for more fun date ideas? Check out Bryanda’s blog!

Bryanda Law is the author behind the blog, ‘Quirky, Brown Love’, a blog that focuses on the importance of the positive portrayal of brown relationships and lifestyles in the media. On her blog you will find love stories, date night ideas and her latest series, the “Quirky, Fit + Fabulous” Challenge.


  1. Alicia says:

    These are some nice ideas for a date night. Thanks for the suggestions

  2. Andrea says:

    Date night is super important to my husband and I, after all we are part of a marriage building team – encouraging others to take care of your marriage. I love the at home ideas, because a lot of time that’s all we get. Thanks for the great tips.

  3. Ok, these are all great ideas. Especially the at home comedy show. I think usually we do the Netflix night, but we dont really make it a date night. You now have my creative thoughts going.

  4. I love the homemade happy hour and the Netflix idea! With two kids we don’t get date nights very often but I’m going to try to change that with some of these ideas.

  5. Robin (Masshole Mommy) says:

    You have some awesome ideas here. I am loving that city themed night at how. You could have tons of fun with that one.

  6. Avry says:

    Most of the time I love a good night at home with the hubby. I would rather curl up and watch a movie at home with him then go out. Love these money saving ideas!

  7. Thanks for the ideas! We need new ones! We always just end up at the same old place to eat!

  8. Becca says:

    Nights in are great when you both make an effort! Just a shame I have no one to share them with at the moment haha! Great post :)

    Becca xx

  9. I love these date ideas. I think they are quite unique and different. They sound like a lot of fun. I would love to visit a Trader Joes, but we don’t have any near us.

  10. We are in definite need for a date night. These are such fun ideas.

  11. My favorite idea is to watch some shorts on YouTube. I’ve never once thought about that, but it would be awesome!

  12. Now you’ve got me wanting to have a date night! My husband keeps trying to get me to go to a local comedy club which sounds like a lot of fun … until I have to put on clothes, makeup, etc. lol

  13. Marina says:

    I like the Netflix Discovery idea. We’re huge Netflix fans so yes!!

  14. My husband works the night shift so a traditional date night is a bit of a challenge… This is where working from home is great.. I can surprise him with breakfast in bed any day of the week ;-)

  15. Lynsey Jones says:

    Mike and I have a standing date night every Thursday for over 6 years. We have missed a couple, but not many. It is SO SO SO important to keep your relationship a top priority. I LOVE the idea of a night of MadMen – its my FAVORITE show! I am totally addicted.

  16. nicole dziedzic says:

    Awesome date night idea, which we are behind on ours. We usually, when super busy, do the whole Netflix thing. We also love to try new foods for our date night.

  17. Janet W. says:

    These are all great ideas! It’s so important to remember to take time for yourselves as a couple!

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