5 Tips for Easy Leaf Clean Up

Spring is finally here and it’s time to get your yard looking pretty awesome again!  You may have thought that all the yard care work you did last fall would pay off this spring. You got all the leaves raked and the roses covered only to be faced with more leaves.  Before I became a homeowner I did not realize that is always cleanup work to do in the spring.

I enjoy getting out in my yard but I simply shudder at the idea of raking in the spring. After all, the heavy raking we all did in the Fall was supposed to be the end of it for the year, right?

Unfortunately, that’s not the case, but it’s something we have to do and having a lawn that is the envy of the neighborhood isn’t something that happens just because we water a little in the spring.  There is work involved and it starts with the leaves.

It may seem like a daunting task, but here are five tips to help make cleanup time quicker.

  1. Start high to low – start with your gutters and porches and then move to the highest part of the property – it is easiest to work down as opposed to up hill.  Blow leaves to a central area and gather them on a tarp or into leaf bags to make moving them easier.
  1. Clean up leaves weekly or daily – This is one of my favorite tips because it is so it so much easier to remove leaves from the lawn in smaller amounts versus trying to move larger piles. I have found that  multiple clean ups are also beneficial for the lawn. Heavy leaf debris on the lawn will actually start to kill the lawn. So be sure to get those leaves up!

Tip:  Try using a leaf vacuum – many leaf blowers  have this function.  Garden Vacs leaf blowers are a great option and can be purchased online or at your local box store. (Lowe’s or Home Depot)

  1. Remove belongings – Remove patio furniture, garden hoses, toys, etc. from the yard to make clean up time quicker.
  2. Let the leaves fall – if the wind is blowing or the tress haven’t dropped all of their leaves, let them fall on your lawn until the tree has given up its last leaf. Then rake them all into a pile. You can mow and/or suck up anything that is left behind after you’ve finished cleaning (this is why multiple clean ups are best).
  3. Mow your lawn shorter – I tend to like my lawn taller rather than shorter but going short is definitely beneficial during leaf clean up. A shorter lawn also helps keep fungus and mold from becoming a problem in the Spring.

So these are my tips for easy Spring Leaf Clean Up. It is now time to set up your yard for a successful summer. Getting out into the fresh air of spring can do much to revitalize you as well as your plants. It will do wonders for you, as well.

Do you have any tips you’d like to share?

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