My $10 Office Makeover



When I was asked to put together an idea, for the new year, using Dollar Tree products…I was excited.  I thought of cute crafts, cheap gift ideas, home decor, DIY…my mind was flooded.  I could make Valentine’s Day gifts, Easter baskets, baby shower gifts, and so much more.  I could do it for cheap, too!  Really, it would end up a pile of mess and not get much further than my kitchen table to take pics for the post.  NOT what I want to do…again.  I decided to take it as a chance to clean up my act for the new year.  A few years ago I stopped making resolutions.  I found that all they did was cause me to make excuses, feel like a failure and really dislike myself.  Who needs that?  So, this year, I decided I would prioritize some things and make a few lists and start crossing a few things off.  What’s better than starting the year on a positive note and with productivity?

Here’s a quick look at my shameful office, before the Dollar Tree helped me get organized:

dollar tree office makeover before

With some major clean up, recycling, sorting and using the great products I found at the Dollar Tree, here’s my office, now:

dollar tree office makeover after

There is much more to be done.  But, I really wanted to see what I could accomplish for just $10.  I bought 9 items to use in my office, plus a diet soda…just because.  Total spent was $10.51.

I purchased:

  • 2 “baskets” made of fabric
  • 1 magazine organizer
  • 1 pack of 4 small plastic buckets
  • 1 pack of two small containers with lids
  • 1 plastic tray
  • 1 metal bin
  • 1 mini trash can
  • 1 diet soda
  • 1 over the door hook (not pictured)

You will notice, in the pictures, that all the items are purple.  It’s one of my favorite colors and can coordinate well with other fun hues.  I will be going back for more items in a brighter green and gray.  We decided to move my office downstairs which means the rest will have to wait.  But it certainly is nice to be able to feel like I can breathe again, in my office.  No more suffocation by clutter.  It’s very freeing, didn’t take long and didn’t cost me much!

How could you use Dollar Tree items to make a positive change in your life?



  1. IT looks really great! I need to do something like this in my office area, its a hot mess!

    • Dee says:

      Thanks Stephanie. Go for it…and be sure to let us know how it turned out!

  2. Wow! I love that. I should use those trays and baskets to help organize our craft supplies. I feel like they just get so disorganized that sometimes it makes crafting lose its appeal. Come to think of it these would be great for organizing boy toys…you know the ones with millions of little parts that always end up falling to the bottom of the toy box never to be found or played with again.

  3. shelly peterson says:

    This looks great. I need to do the same thing. I will have to head to the Dollar Tree and see what I can find.

  4. Julie Wood says:

    OMG! I do not know why I did not think of Dollar Tree to get my office organized. You got a lot of stuff to for only $10 dollars. I am going to have to go to Dollar Tree and get some items to help me organize my office space!

  5. Janet W. says:

    Wow what a difference that made for only $10! It looks great! I need to think about an office makeover for my space.

  6. Dana Rodriguez says:

    Great job! I need to work on our home office.I love Dollar Tree but I always spend a lot more than $10.

  7. Sue says:

    Great buys! I love how you brought everything together with color.

  8. Cynthia R says:

    Wow, what a difference $10 makes, I need to take a sheet out of your book and try it on our home office space, which is in the main living area so it would make a huge difference in overall appearance if I can get that straight.

  9. Robin Wilson says:

    Wow! What a huge difference that made! You’ve given me the incentive to clean up my act for sure. It doesn’t have to take a lot of money!

  10. Tina W says:

    “one diet soda”.
    tee hee.

  11. Sarah L says:

    I need to go to Dollar Tree and see what I can find to help me organize. Thanks for the suggestions.

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