Win a $25 Sunoco Gift Card


Before you hit the stores for your holiday shopping you figure out who’s on your gift list and set a budget but do you also figure your gas into this equation? If you’re like me then the answer is an absolute no, I rarely (read that as never) figure out how I’m going to get someplace or for that matter get home once the money’s gone.

If you have a Sunoco near you I’ve got you covered. Yes, you can enter my giveaway for a $25 Sunoco Gift Card and if you’re even more like me and do most of your holiday shopping online then you can cross one person off your list and give card away.



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  1. Mary Happymommy says:

    This will come in handy . Thanks!

  2. Amanda Sakovitz says:

    Gas cards are always great to win.

  3. barbara n says:

    We will be driving home for Christmas…this would come in handy!

  4. D SCHMIDT says:

    I love gas gift cards because they are an excuse for a road trip.

  5. HS says:

    I’ll use it for holiday road trip.

  6. Soha MOlina says:

    Gift cards are fun.

  7. Trisha Burgess says:

    I figure gas into everywhere I go!!!

  8. Valencia says:

    With extra grocery bills and gift bills over the holidays, a break on some gas would be a welcomed addition.

  9. Arielle says:

    I’m planning on taking a road trip next month, this would definitely help with the gas costs!

  10. anthony ciofani says:

    I love gas gift cards because they are great for a road trip.

  11. steve weber says:

    Ill be traveling for the holidays.. every little bit helps.

  12. Jessica To says:

    A gas card would come in handy with all of the holiday errands!

  13. Carly D. says:

    I commute a long way to work so this would definitely help me!

  14. Karin A says:

    A gas card for the holiday travel is always welcome!

  15. Janice Cooper says:

    We love going to Sunoco for gas. In fact we have one around the block from our house. This would come in so handy!

  16. Karen N. says:

    I Love sonoco and a gift card for gas is always welcomed

  17. al says:

    Although there are none near us, this would be good for traveling.

  18. Ashley Tucker says:

    This would be so helpful for holiday travels!

  19. Heather Dawn says:

    I would love to use this while I am traveling!

  20. laurie says:

    this would make a great gift for any body in my family

  21. Erika W. says:

    We have several new Sunocos near our home and they are fantastic. They always have the best gas prices around!

  22. Heather Wilson says:

    This would be a great blessing, especially since the redbox is right next to the sunoco!!!

  23. Thomas Murphy says:

    I would love to win some free gas!

  24. Alyson says:

    I’m going to be driving 600 miles to visit my mother after Christmas. This would really help a lot. Thanks for offering the giveaway. Gas cards are so valuable!

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