7 Common Problems That You Might Face During Pregnancy

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If you are pregnant you must have been reading a lot about it and discussing it with friends and relatives. But despite of reading and discussions there still might be situations when you have certain symptoms during pregnancy. You might feel like something is abnormal or not right. Some of them should definitely be an alarm for you to pay a visit to the doctor or a midwife.

1. Vision related issues: there might be vision related problems and disturbances that might lead to pre-eclampsia. Double vision, vision getting blurred, dimming, flashing spots and lights that have a lasting effect or that stays for more than two hours. You must call your doctor immediately if any of this sign persists.

2. Dizziness and feeling of fainting: when you do not eat properly and have not had food it is obvious that you will feel dizzy. But another reason for the dizzy feeling is that during early pregnancy your blood pressure gets low and you feel low. During pregnancy the hormone progesterone that is released, relaxes the blood vessel.

3. Itching all over the body: if you are experiencing itching all over your body and especially at night it might because of a condition called OC. It is a problem of the liver and may lead to jaundice. You might notice paler stool and darker urine. However, a milder itching is normal and you should not worry about it much. The body stretches to adjust itself to accommodate the baby so a little itching is normal.

4. Bleeding in the vagina: a light spotting or bleeding is not be worried about. During early pregnancy when the menstrual cycles try hard to bleed and the hormones are developing making the body ready for pregnancy a little bleeding may occur. However when bleeding is persistent or unusual than the one during periods or there is sudden bleeding with a lot of abdomen pain or bleeding that is heavy and dark are all symptoms of either miscarriage or premature labor and other issues related to it. You must immediately call for doctor’s assistance.

5. Swollen hands and feet and a persistent headache: swelling in the hands and legs is common during pregnancy and you do not have to be very concerned about it. But if you notice that the swelling is sudden and severe that also leads to headache or problems with vision, it might be the symptom of pre-eclampsia. This condition will only happen if you are in the second half of your pregnancy.

6. Pain in the tummy: if you have severe pain in the upper or middle of your tummy that is accompanied with or without nausea and vomiting may be signs of indigestion, food poisoning, heart burn or stomach upset. In the latter half of the pregnancy these signs will be for a serious problem pre-eclampsia that needs to be taken care of immediately.

7. A lot of vomiting: if you vomit several times in a day it will make you weak and dehydrated. It usually does not cause any harm to the baby but still you must ask for proper treatment so that the condition does not gets worse. If you have pain and temperature along with vomiting it might be because of kidney infection. You must contact the doctor and discuss all situations with her/him.


  1. Mami2jcn says:

    I had skin issues while pregnant. I developed a lot of skin tags.

  2. Janet W. says:

    I remember back when I was pregnant I had a ton of headaches. I was always afraid to take anything for it because I didn’t want to harm my baby.

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