Show Love with GiveForward

In a world where we are surrounded by so many tragedies and bad things, it feels good to focus on the good. Like many of you, I loved watching the ALC Ice Bucket Challenge videos and seeing all the attention being raised and donations being made to such a great cause. But I when I heard of a terrible prank by some boys in Ohio, I was shocked and hurt. Instead of pouring ice water over their 14-year-old autistic classmate, they dumped a bucket of filth. But thanks to organizations like GiveForward, we can show this poor boy and the world that there isn’t room for hate in our society.
GiveForward is the world’s top fundraising site for helping people in need. They are raising money to show this boy in Ohio that love is stronger than hate and to thank him for being a hero and speaking up about what happened to him. They’ve made great progress so far but need more help to get to their $5,000 goal and make a difference in this brave boy’s life.


It’s easy to watch the news and see the terrible things happening all over the country and the world, but then to change the channel and move on with our lives. I know I’m guilty of this—my heart goes out to people in need but sometimes I just get caught up in my own life and don’t know how to help someone who seems so far away. It’s known as the bystander effect—when so many people are aware of a situation, we all just sit back and assume someone else will do something about it.
GiveForward gives us a chance to break the bystander effect and make a real difference in people’s lives. Since 2008, they have helped raise over 120 million dollars for people in need. That just shows how powerful love can be! GiveForward helped raise nearly $900,000 for a couple who lost their legs in the Boston Marathon bombing so they could afford prosthetic legs and never have to worry about medical expenses. They helped raise more than $100,000 for an 8-year-old with cancer so she and her family could be free from medical debt. GiveForward has helped hundreds of other people overcome seemingly insurmountable problems. It’s amazing what can happen when we all come together and act, instead of just sitting on the sidelines.
Even if you don’t have the means to contribute monetarily to a GiveForward campaign, you can write a note of love and encouragement to those in need. Together we can change the world and show that love is stronger than hate!


  1. It’s always good to see when a lot of people want to help a cause. It’s a shame that it takes such awful things to prompt them to do so at times.

  2. Debi says:

    I am glad to see so many giving it forward in whatever way that they can

  3. What an awesome fundraising initiative. I love that it allows almost anyone to contribute.

  4. mary says:

    Kids are cruel – especially at that age and towards someone they see as different. Glad that people are standing up to show that boy not everyone is like that.

  5. Nicole says:

    I love how if “you don’t have the means to contribute monetarily to a GiveForward campaign, you can write a note of love and encouragement to those in need.” This is wonderful!

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