Top Times — Tips for a Good Night Out in Dubai

Although many people who live in Dubai have to devote large parts of the week to work, you can just stay indoors all the time. You’ve got to put aside some time for having fun. On the other hand, if you’re there on a vacation, there’s no need to think about work at all (lucky, lucky!). Below, you can get some tips about how to have memorable evenings out, joining the nightlife in Dubai, and also find out which places to visit.

Tuesday nights in Dubai are frequently designated as  “ladies’ nights.” If you’re a woman on the hunt for some good drinks specials and other perks designed to get you in the door and make you want to stick around, give yourself a weekday treat and see what the top clubs have to offer.

Thursday and Friday nights, on the other hand, are considered weekend nights, so nightlife in Dubai can get especially energetic during the late stages of the week (well, you did come for the atmosphere!). Clubs generally close at 3 a.m., and taxis are readily available. Drinking and driving is strictly prohibited.

You should check out the Skyview Bar if you want an excellent vantage point during your night-time festivities. It’s situated 200 meters above sea level. Alternatively, you can head to Biggles English Pub to check out the sports action from your favorite teams. This World War II-themed hangout has been in business for decades and is an excellent place complement your nightly diversions with a bite to eat.

Keep in mind that many of the licensed bars are in hotels, so if you’re staying for an extended period of time in Dubai, you might not even need to leave your accommodations to find a good time. Twenty-one is the minimum age for purchasing alcohol. However, if you’re out and about clubbing, places that have particularly strict door staff members might deny entry to people under age 25.

If you want to have a great night out but aren’t too keen on the club scene, check the entertainment listings to see if one of your favorite artists might be taking the stage.One Direction, Katy Perry and Lady Gaga are just a few examples of high profile artists and bands that have come to Dubai in the past.

Clearly, Dubai has a lot to offer a person who comes alive when the sun goes down. If that sounds like you, pick your most stunning outfit out of the closet and get set for a night that you might remember fondly for the rest of your life.

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