I Accept My Beauty: Both Inside and Out!!! #MBIB #BIAJourney #ad

Growing up, I was always told I was pretty, that I have pretty eyes, that I have a pretty smile.  I must say that all those compliments did feel good.  It gave me confidence , I felt those words and I believed them.  But the problem with that is, at a young age , I really didn’t know what true beauty was. I thought beauty was just a pretty face and nothing more.

deemarieNow that I’m older I know so much more.  The beauty on your inside only enhances the beauty on your outside.   That picture you see above is me.  The beautiful, confident me. And I say that confidently. But it’s funny, even with self professed confidence, how we at times focus or wish for things that are not us.  When I younger, I wished I was taller, was more outgoing,  more like my lil sis who is vibrant and always the life of the party.   But it’s ok, I can  accept that I will be no taller than 5 feet tall, as outgoing as most or a size 6 because frankly, I’m loving the skin I’m in.


Most people I know struggle with trying to lose weight.  My issue is the opposite. All my life, the heaviest  I’ve ever been was 130 lbs.  Now I’m much smaller, smaller than what I would like to be but I accept that I am the size I am and will embrace my size 3. For what I see when I look in the mirror is only part of the beauty that I am.   I can also accept that I am only 5 feet tall.  It has never stopped me from being a go-getter and going after my dreams.  It did not stop me for marrying a 6 foot 2 man (although I can appreciate a pair of 6 inch heel occasionally). Nor did it stop me giving birth and carrying the 2 most important people in my life…my boys.

In short, I accept me.  I accept my beauty both inside and out.  I am a wonderful mother, a good wife, loving, kind and caring. I’m a giver, love hearing of others successes.  To me that is Beauty. The beautiful part of me. My mother has always told me that I was beautiful person both inside and out.  Dad did too.  I appreciated those words and they are still with me today!  Thanks mom and dad.  I will continue on loving me and loving me hard!

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What are some things you are learning to accept about yourself?

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  1. What a great post. Good for you. I try to accept my beauty on the inside and outside.

  2. Jen says:

    What a beautiful post! This was just what I needed today! I am getting better at accepting that I’m not ever going to be a size 3 or 5! I am still struggling to lose weight but at the end of the day I’m happy with my size 10-12’s and how far I’ve come!

    As a mother of daughters I never want them to feel they are not small, big, short, tall or pretty enough compared to each other. I see them doing it now and I nip it in the bud but the truth is it breaks my heart that girls start this at such a young age! So I feel us women have to step up and start leading by example.

  3. There comes such an amazing peace when we learn to just accept ourselves for the way we are.

  4. Shalena W. says:

    Great post!! I love it because I can relate to it. Beauty is skin deep and I myself had to learn that. Everyone is beautiful in their own way!

  5. I am 51 and still struggle with accepting myself. Beautiful post.

  6. Jen A says:

    Such an inspiring post Dee! I’m learning to deal with my personal challenges daily and one day I’ll be able to say that I love the skin I’m in. One day…

  7. mary says:

    Great post! I know all of us struggle at one time or another with the way we look. Keeping ourselves grounded with what is inside will make it ok to be who we are. Whoever that is.

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