A Very Royal Summer

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Babies have birthdays every day, but it’s an extra special celebration when the party is for the future king of England. That’s right, Prince George turns 1 on July 22nd. Can you believe it was a year ago that the world anxiously waited for news of the most anticipated arrival? Prince George has had quite the first year, with worldwide travels and lots of attention. There are a bevy of celebrations in his honor are being planned across the UK all summer. It really will be a royal affair.

Prince George might only be a baby, but the George effect is being felt all over the world. Prince George was the 7th member of the royal family to receive the name, but its spread to more than just royalty. Thanks to the tiny prince, George is set to become the 4th most popular name in 2014. He may have all the power, but George is still a baby, learning to crawl, walk, and talk like the other babies out there. If you’re planning your own royal baby birthday party, you might want to serve some of George’s favorite foods, which are apple, kale, and sweet potato.

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The event will take place on Prince George’s birthday – the 22nd of July – at approximately 9:30pm. The jackpot is a whopping £8888, with £5000 going on the full house, £2000 for 2 lines, £1000 for 1 line, and £888 for anyone with a one-to-go.


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