TGI Fridays the Perfect Place for All Your Get Togethers!

TGI Fridays  the perfect restraunt for all  your get togethers!
With summer beginning there are so many things to celebrate.  The end of the school year brings lot of graduations and June 15th was Father’s Day!  Also, Summer official begins on June 21st!  With all these things to celebrate you will need the perfect place to go and that place is TGI Fridays!  Also, the world cup is currently going on so TGI Fridays is perfect with their vast array of appetizers that are definitely delicious!  For Father’s Day we went out to our lock TGI Fridays and had appetizers because we wanted to try a little bit of everything!  We started off with some of their Taste & Share Menu!  You were able to pick 3 different option for only $15 which I thought was a great deal!  My family likes to try everything we can because we love food!

TGI Fridays  the perfect restraunt for all  your get togethers!

We started off with the Thai Pork Tacos!  I was a little skeptical but they were absolutely amazing!  They are made of Soft corn tortillas with Thai marinated pulled pork, Sriracha aioli, ginger-lime slaw and hoisin sauce.  They had a very fresh taste to them and I definitely wanted more when we were done!

TGI Fridays  the perfect restraunt for all  your get togethers!

Then we tried the Ahi Tuna Crisps!  After the Pork Tacos I didn’t know if they would top them but they did! They are made of Blackened Ahi tuna slices on tortilla chips with house-made guacamole, jalapeños, Sriracha sauce and Avocado Vinaigrette. Drizzled with Cucumber-Wasabi Ranch.  The taste was perfect and for some reason in my head I couldn’t imagine the tuna with the guacamole but it had a wonderful blend of taste that definitely kept us wanting more!

TGI Fridays  the perfect restraunt for all  your get togethers!

My personal favorite were the Bacon Mac & Cheese Bites.  But seriously how can you go wrong with that combination!  They are Crispy bites with three varieties of cheddar. Served with craft beer-cheese dipping sauce.  The Mac & Cheese bites just melted in your mouth with the perfect flavor!  They were exactly what I was hoping for!

We also got the Fridays Pick Three For All!  We had potato skins, boneless wings in bbq sauce, and pot stickers!  These are all classic appetizer but they were so delicious!  I especially loved the pot stickers!

So when you are planning  a world cup party or a graduation party make sure to think about TGI Fridays!  There food is out of this world and everyone will be happy with your choice!  Also, consider getting that recent grad a gift card for when they are a poor college student in the fall!  They will love you even more when they are able to go get some of these appetizers with their friends!


  1. mel says:

    We love TGIF! We go there at least once a week!

  2. we love TGIF :) the apps are the best

  3. Oh wow! I haven’t been to Fridays in a long time, but it looks like they totally elevated their food!

  4. LOVE TGIF, they have such a nice menu selection.

  5. Jenn says:

    We have not been to TGIF in so long, after seeing these dishes I think its time we go. Those Bacon Mac & Cheese Bites are calling my name!

  6. Wow, seems like TGI fridays has really stepped up their menu. I would love to try any of those dishes.

  7. Lisa J. Jones says:

    My Family Loves Their Food Always So Delicious Can’t Wait To Try The Mac & Cheese Apps. Thank You Great Review!

  8. Alaina Bullock says:

    They just closed the TGI Fridays here and I about cried! I loved their food! I had been eating there since I was a kid! Hopefully they will open another one!

  9. Looks sooooo good! Maybe I should skip making dinner and head to TGIF with the family?! Sounds good to me! I will often pick up their frozen appetizers at the grocery store…yum.

  10. It all looks amazing! I wish I had a TGI Friday’s near me!

  11. Those Ahi Tuna Crisps look amazing! OMG I have to go to TGI Fridays!

  12. LOVE Fridays they have such a nice menu selection!

  13. Oh we love TGI Friday’s! Unfortunately the nearest one is 200 miles from us. When we go we usually order the green bean frys, but I think we’ll bypass that for those bacon mac n cheese balls! Holy cow those look mouthwatering!!

  14. I love T.G.I. Friday’s but sadly there isn’t one around here. My favorites are the potato skins.

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