Simple Summer Fun Activity Ideas for Kids


Need ideas to keep your kids active and entertained for the summer.  Here are 5 super cool activities they will enjoy!

5 Summer Fun Activities for Kids

1. Egg Painting

All you need for this fun and creative activity is: Empty egg shells, paint, tissue paper, glue, and something you can use as your canvas, like poster board or paper.

Just make a hole at the top of the full egg shell large enough to pass the egg through, using a butter knife works well, then rinse and fill with paint. Seal the paint filled shells with the tissue paper using glue, and through them at your canvas! IT’S ART!!!

2. Outdoor Twister

You will need a pizza box or other type of cardboard, craft knife, a bowl or something round, pen, spray paint (red, blue, yellow and white), paper, scissors, and a container to hold slips of paper.

First just trace a circle, using your bowl or other object, onto your cardboard then using your craft knife, cut it out. Use the hole from the cut out as your stencil. Now all thats left is to paint. You need six of each color (like the twister game). Have your kids take slips of paper and write things like, “Rt foot”, “Lf foot”, “Rt hand”, and so forth on one set of slips. Then on a separate set of slips write the different colors.


3. DIY Sprinkler

This one is super easy, really, so easy you will kick yourself for not thinking of it sooner. Just take a 2 litter bottle and poke some holes in it, stick your water hose in it and attach it with duct tape. No expensive sprinkler that will break after one week, just stuff you already have laying around and will throw away anyway! See told you it was easy!

4. Shaving Cream Slip-n-Slide

Stake down a tarp to a clear spot in your yard, buy the cheap shaving cream from the dollar store, and go nuts emptying it all over the tarp. Have the sprinkler you made from number 3 going and let your kiddos have at it! It gets slippery so be careful!

5. Solar Oven S’more’s

While your doing all the activities I’ve listed so far, set out a homemade solar oven and start cooking your S’more’s. By the time your kiddos are ready for a snack, the sun will have cooked you come very yummy gooey S’more’s. To learn how to make this pizza box solar oven go to the tutorial here. Then all you need is graham crackers, chocolate and marshmallows!


  1. kim says:

    Oh how brave you are!! I love the shaving cream slip -n- slide but not sure I’d let them do it…oh what the heck, you can rinse them off with the hose, uh? Great list~

  2. What a fun list! Love the solar oven S’mores idea!

  3. I love the outdoor twister idea! It encourages both fine and gross motor skills.

  4. What great suggestions! Love the outdoor Twister especially, no need to find the timer or mat! And who doesn’t love S’mores!

  5. I want to try the DIY sprinkler. I know my kids would think that was awesome.

  6. What a fun & unique collection of activities. I want some solar oven smores :)

  7. DIY sprinkler!!! What a great ideas!

  8. Julie Wood says:

    I like the DIP Sprinkler idea and we have a lot of liter bottles that we can use. The shaving cream slip and slide idea also sounds like lots of fun!!

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