Schlitterbahn’s Ice Chest Recipe Challenge! #BahnCooler


Getting everything ready for a day at the water park can be a drag. Schlitterbahn knows how hard it can be to pull everything together, so they are showing their love of families through their ice chest. Schlitterbahn is the only water park where families can bring an ice chest full of food or drink into the park. Now you can keep the fussy eaters happy and stay at the park all day without wasting time or money in food lines.

In the spirit of Schlitterbahn’s ice chest challenge, here is an ice chest-friendly recipe that keeps my family happy and full for a long day of water slides and lazy rivers:

 Cream Cheese Turkey Roll Ups with Veggies

Ingredients: 1 small container of Cream Cheese, 1 package of tortillas, string cheese 1 package of sliced turkey, lettuce, and spinach
Place one tortilla onto a plate. Spread cream cheese all over the tortilla, add cheese, turkey, lettuce, spinach, then roll up. Cut into smaller pieces if desired. This is a very quick and easy lunch on the go. Add in some fruit and you’ve got a filling lunch. Pack it in your ice chest and you’ve got a quick and easy lunch!

Bringing an ice chest of food means we spend less time in line for food and more time enjoying all of the rides at Schlitterbahn . With wild and mild rides, there’s something for everyone, and with an ice chest full of food, there’s something for everyone’s bellies, too. It’s saves us money too!


Combined with Schlitterbahn’s free parking, it’s hard to find a better deal for a full day of family fun! You can get your tickets here! You don’t want to miss out on the fun!

What is your favorite Ice Chest Lunch!

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